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AFL finals 2020, preliminary final: Richmond beat Port Adelaide – as it happened

The Tigers simply proved too good in a six-point win at Adelaide Oval that secured them a place in next week’s grand final
The Tigers celebrate
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  • 12.32pm BST12:32 Summary
  • 12.10pm BST12:10 FT: Richmond 6-10 (46) beat Port Adelaide 6-4 (40)
  • 11.38am BST11:38 3QT: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-6 (30)
  • 10.54am BST10:54 HT: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21)
  • 10.19am BST10:19 QT: Port Adelaide 2-3 (15) vs Richmond 2-1 (13)
  • 9.14am BST09:14 Preamble
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12.32pm BST12:32

Scott Heinrich

Scott Heinrich

Heartbreaking for Port Adelaide but they played their part in an engrossing, brutal contest. There was little in it from the outset but at times the Power were their own worst enemy: they controlled chunks of play, particularly in the first half, but they were made to pay for gross inefficiency. The minor premiers won the possession count and had a clear advantage in inside-50s - 58-44 in their favour - but struggled throughout to capitalise on their territorial dominance. An inside-50 efficiency return of 20.7% is an incredible low, a nod to Port’s profligacy but also to the high pressure of the game and also to the prevailing greasy conditions.

The tide turned somewhat in the second half, with Richmond getting on top in clearances and, crucially, taking their chances. In the end, the Tigers were a little cleaner when it mattered and executed with a tad more polish. They looked like a team who had been here before - this was their fourth successive preliminary final - and their experience showed against a playing group bereft of history at this stage of the season. Port Adelaide were brave to the end, but they could not walk through the open door whereas Richmond barged through it. Port had winners in several areas - Travis Boak, Xavier Duursma and Robbie Gray were standouts - but the best player on the park was Dustin Martin. A couple of goals and important hands in others, Martin was at times the difference between the teams.

So Richmond charge into their third grand final in four seasons. Importantly, they looked to get through without significant injury. Onwards and upwards for the yellow-and-black. Thanks for your company. Enjoy Brisbane-Geelong tomorrow night.

Trent Cotchin

12.10pm BST12:10

FT: Richmond 6-10 (46) beat Port Adelaide 6-4 (40)

Richmond are through to the grand final! Huge effort from both teams in the final quarter but a bigger effort from Richmond, who got on top in clearances and did enough in the desperate moments to keep Port at arm’s length. Their experience at this stage of the season showed and Richmond are through to successive grand finals and their third in four seasons.

Updated at 12.13pm BST

12.10pm BST12:10

Q4: 22 secs remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-10 (46) Richmond force a throw-in on centre wing. Not looking good for Port.

12.09pm BST12:09

Q4: 1 min remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-10 (46) Richmond defend stoutly near Port’s 50-metre arc. A strong mark from Duursma raises Port’s hopes but Nankervis takes another timely mark near the Power goal. Port running out of time.

12.07pm BST12:07

Q4: 2 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-10 (46) Critical free for Riewoldt just outside 50 - McKenzie did have him, but so too did Riewoldt have McKenzie - and the Tigers forward’s long kick misses but still registers a behind. Now there’s a straight kick in it.

12.05pm BST12:05

Q4: 3 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-9 (45) Port go on the attack again and Dixon looks likely but can’t get near enough. Lambert rebounds.

12.04pm BST12:04

Q4: 4 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-9 (45) Port go long inside-50 but Nankervis takes a big mark to nullify the threat.Free kick to Gray on centre wing. Another chance for Port. They might not have many left.

12.02pm BST12:02

Q4: 5 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-9 (45) Cotchin releases Rioli on centre wing before Ebert does an enormous job to deny Riewoldt. The challenge has really taken it out of the Port veteran, who is helped off the ground and looks concussed. As Ebert leaves the ground, Bolton misses to the left. Fiver points in it.

11.58am BST11:58

Q4: 7 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 6-4 (40) vs Richmond 6-8 (44) Goal! Motlop does well to not give away a free to Short in a marking contest, and even better to force a stoppage. From the throw-in, Ladhams gets a free for high contact and caresses the ball through for a goal the Power absolutely needed. Game on again.

11.55am BST11:55

Q4: 9 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 5-4 (34) vs Richmond 6-8 (44) Goal! Chaos inside Richmond’s 50 - desperate tackles, missed handballs, slips, tumbles, the lot - before Hartlett is pinged for deliberate out of bounds. Lambert swings right from the fence and snaps beautifully to extend Richmond’s lead.

11.52am BST11:52

Q4: 10 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 5-4 (34) vs Richmond 5-8 (38) Richmond winning clearances so far this quarter, which is ominous. Long ball inside-50 and Martin looks gone but he manages to get a handpass away to release Short, whose snap misses to the left. That would have made things interesting.

11.49am BST11:49

Q4: 12 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 5-4 (34) vs Richmond 5-7 (37) Goal! Cotchin crumbs smartly to go inside-50 and win a stoppage for Richmond. It’s bedlam from the throw-in but somehow Lambert dribbles through the eye of a needle to put Richmond back in front.

11.46am BST11:46

Q4: 13 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 5-4 (34) vs Richmond 4-7 (31) Goal! Dixon gets a clear run at a pack and marks strongly. It’s no easy shot from just outside-50 on a slight angle but he drills it. Huge goal. Port in front. If they take more chances like this, they’ll win.

11.44am BST11:44

Q4: 14 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-7 (31) All class from Martin, who lowers the eyes and finds Lynch just inside-50. The forward can’t convert, however, and there’s still a straight kick in it.

11.43am BST11:43

Q4: 15 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-6 (30) Here we go. The last quarter of 2020 for one of these teams. Richmond go forward but Rockliff wraps up Bolton and wins a free.

11.38am BST11:38

3QT: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-6 (30)

In some ways hard to watch but even harder to look away. Richmond came hard early in the third term but Port refused to let them run away. Reward for effort is hard to come by in a game of extreme intensity and both teams are guilty of rank inefficiency inside-50. It’s anyone’s game, and it will be won by the team who can take their chances in the final term. Who will blink first?

Port Adelaide celebrate Scott Lycett’s goal

Updated at 11.41am BST

11.34am BST11:34

Q3: 1 min remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-6 (30) Great handpass outside from Martin releases Baker and he finds Balta 30 metres from goal. But he misses to the left. Goals like hen’s teeth.

11.31am BST11:31

Q3: 1 min remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Oh dear. Rozee and Gray show their class to get the ball deep inside-50 for Port but Burton does absolutely zilch with his shot on goal. Nada. Inefficiency continues to dog the Power.

Updated at 11.32am BST

11.30am BST11:30

Q3: 3 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Port work their way forward methodically - that hasn’t happened too often tonight by either team - and Rozee is influential but Boak butchers his set shot from right in front. Misses the lot. Will they come to rue these missed opportunities?

11.28am BST11:28

Q3: 4 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Jonas brings down Lynch with a ripping tackle, but Richmond rebound and Castagna almost holds the mark directly in front but it somehow slips through his fingers. Big let-off for Port - that would surely have been a goal.

11.25am BST11:25

Q3: 5 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) The crowd again lets its displeasure known as Gray gives away an obstruction free to Houli. Burton is back on the ground, deep forward, so obviously not badly injured.

11.23am BST11:23

Q3: 7 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-4 (28) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Port go forward again and a speculative snap from Butters looks good off the boot but just fades across the face. One point in it.

11.21am BST11:21

Q3: 8 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 4-3 (27) vs Richmond 4-5 (29)Goal! Port (finally) get a free kick and Motlop finds Lycett inside-50. The big man goes back and launches from just inside the arc, making no mistake to register a huge goal for Port. Good response to a period of dominance from the Tigers.

11.18am BST11:18

Q3: 11 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Ripping tackle by Baker on Houston. Burton off the ground for Port. Lineball decision goes against Port. The crowd is up in arms. Big five minutes coming up for the Power. Richmond have upped the ante.

11.15am BST11:15

Q3: 13 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 4-5 (29) Another entry inside-50 for Richmond and although Lynch fluffs this one, they are already looking far more dangerous. Only eight points in it but Port need to lift. This is the biggest premiership quarter of the season. Well, almost.

11.13am BST11:13

Q3: 14 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 4-4 (28) Goal! Lynch makes his first meaningful contribution, taking a strong pack mark and kicking truly. Just the start to the second half Richmond wanted. Nice contested mark. That’s why he’s there.

11.11am BST11:11

Q3: 15 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-4 (22) We’re back. An early chance for Bolton but his shot around the body misses to the right. And that behind gives the Tigers the lead.

10.59am BST10:59

User avatar for 20CharactersNoSpaces
16 October 2020 10:44am

Whoever wins tonight will know they'll have played a game - these are tough conditions. They'll need the extra day compared to what the winners of tomorrow night will have played in.

Yup. Geelong and Brisbane will be looking on and, erm, hoping they win tomorrow. Obviously.

Updated at 11.03am BST

10.59am BST10:59

It really is tough going out there. Port lead the inside-50 count 32-22 but their efficiency inside-50 is a woeful 18.8% (season average = 48.1%). And Richmond’s isn’t great at 36.4%. The Power didn’t make the most of their chances in the first half. Richmond can play much better and were doing so as the first half neared its end.

10.54am BST10:54

HT: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21)

Scoring was very hard to come by in the second term - almost 14 minutes elapsed with no addition after Dustin Martin’s goal in the initial stages of the quarter. Pressure is intense at Adelaide Oval. Chances are rare, both teams are adding a number in defence and the wet conditions are also a factor. Martin (two goals) and Robbie Gray are the standout players, while Rozee also has two majors. Port were on on top in general play for much of the first half but Richmond started to get their hands on the ball more as the second quarter progressed.

Dustin Martin (right)

Updated at 11.03am BST

10.48am BST10:48

Q2: 1 min remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21) Duursma takes a chest mark at centre half-forward - that will be a relief for him - but Port can’t make it count. Motlop then makes a ridiculously unrealistic attempt to mark and it’s a free for Richmond. Prestia has a pop under pressure after some good work from Castagna but it’s out of bounds on the full.

10.46am BST10:46

Q2: 2 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21) Lynch is having a dirty night and he gives away a free to Ladhams. Dixon then gets worked under the ball - perilously close to a push in the back, that - as the ball slingshots back. Dixon also finding it hard work. The key forwards are being closely kept and delivery forward is hardly silver service on this wet night. Tough going for the big men.

10.42am BST10:42

Q2: 4 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21) Rozee again with time and space. He could shoot from a tough angle but instead centres to Duursma. It looks the right option until Duursma fluffs a very straightforward chest mark. Go easy on him - he’s young, it’s a preliminary final and it’s wet.

10.40am BST10:40

Q2: 6 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21) Dixon gets a free on centre wing and Port go inside-50 again but Richmond have this move covered.

Here’s Ladham’s tummy punch.

Fox Footy (@FOXFOOTY)

Peter Ladhams has been reported after an incident with Noah Balta.#AFLPowerTigers #AFLFinals

October 16, 2020

10.37am BST10:37

Q2: 8 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 3-3 (21) Goal! Speaking of unfair fights, Martin on Byrne-Jones in a 1-v-1 is nobody’s idea of a contest and Martin wins hands down - marking virtually uncontested and drilling the set shot. That’s two for Dusty. He’s carrying the Tigers tonight. All square.

10.34am BST10:34

Q2: 10 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 2-3 (15) Port get pinged for “insufficient intent” but McIntosh’s shot from the boundary is a shocker. Another long ball to Lynch fails again to work. Three on one is a tough ask in anyone’s book. Port defending stoutly on their last line.

10.32am BST10:32

Q2: 11 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 2-3 (15) Bolton’s tough, but kickable, shot on goal misses to the right. Richmond will need to be as efficient as they possibly can be on current evidence. Port remain on top in general play.

10.30am BST10:30

Q2: 13 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 3-3 (21) vs Richmond 2-2 (14) Goal! Port work their way through the Richmond maze and they gain territory through sheer force of will, leaving Rozse to finish the job with a glorious snap from the right pocket. Team effort capped by individual brilliance.

10.27am BST10:27

Q2: 15 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 2-3 (15) vs Richmond 2-2 (14) And we’re back. Amn early thrust forward for Port but Richmond insist their way forward. It’s not pretty but it’s effective and it almost works until Lynch’s shot on goal is rushed through for a behind.

10.19am BST10:19

QT: Port Adelaide 2-3 (15) vs Richmond 2-1 (13)

A couple of early goals to Richmond but Port Adelaide asserted towards the end of the quarter and finally took the chances their territorial advantage deserved. Martin is a clear standout for the Tigers but more Power players are putting their best feet forward: Gray is having a blinder, while Powell-Pepper, Duursma and Boak are also amongst it. An inside count of 19-12 in Port’s favour tells the story, but it’s early days.

Melissa Connor (@craft_theory)

Rain falling heavy now #AFLPowerTigers #afl

October 16, 2020

Updated at 10.23am BST

10.16am BST10:16

Q1: 1 min remaining: Port Adelaide 2-3 (15) vs Richmond 2-1 (13) Goal! Dixon tries to impose himself but can’t shrug off close attention. The ball spits out to Gray, who finds Duursma on the chest and the youngster finishes the job with a clean finish. Duursma has a few words to say to Lynch, and there is no shortage of teammates to join him. Port up and about now.

10.13am BST10:13

Q1: 2 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 1-3 (9) vs Richmond 2-1 (13) Ladhams is reported for a tummy punch on Balta as the latter tried to shepherd a path for Grimes. Looked a little low, too. Ladhams has nothing to fear. The MRO takes a week off at this time of year.

10.10am BST10:10

Q1: 3 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 1-2 (8) vs Richmond 2-1 (13) Goal! Gray loves a big stage and his handball inboard to Ebert was superb. Ebert’s dribble kick to goal is smothered but the ball maintains its path to goal and Rozee does the rest, soccering the ball through for Port’s first major.

10.08am BST10:08

Q1: 4 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-2 (2) vs Richmond 2-1 (13) Goal! And Jack makes no mistake, piercing the big sticks with a glorious drop punt from an angle about 35 metres from home. Richmond are really taking their chances here, Port not so.

10.06am BST10:06

Q1: 5 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-2 (2) vs Richmond 1-1 (7) Gray has a clear shot on goal but misses. At the other end, Jonas chops Riewoldt’s arms in a marking contest which sets up another shot on goal...

10.04am BST10:04

Q1: 7 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-1 (1) vs Richmond 1-1 (7) Goal! Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And that man - Dustin Martin - has been very good so far. Riewoldt does well to bring a high ball to the ground and Dusty does the rest, crumbing from the pack and snapping around his body for the first goal of the game.

10.02am BST10:02

Q1: 8 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-1 (1) vs Richmond 0-1 (1) Rozee bombs one inside-50 but the ball is intercepted by Richmond. The ball is pinging back and forth to this point, but if any team is on top it’s Port. But only just. McKenzie then gets his picket pocked but Lambert’s shot from about 325 metres dribbles just to the right.

9.58am BST09:58

Q1: 10 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-1 (1) vs Richmond 0-0 (0) Dusty goes inside to Edwards, who goes to Lynch, who goes to Riewoldt deep inside-50 and this is Richmond’s best attacking foray ... but Jumpin’ Jack can’t hang onto the chance. Half-chances everywhere here.

9.56am BST09:56

Q1: 12 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-1 (1) vs Richmond 0-0 (0) Great forward pressure from Rozee locks the ball inside-50 for Port. Rushed kicks here, missed handballs there, gang tackles everywhere. This ball is hot. God bless finals footy.

Rhett Bartlett (@rhettrospective)

When you see yourself on the big screen at the footy.

#AFLPowerTigers @Richmond_FC

October 16, 2020

9.54am BST09:54

Q1: 14 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-1 (1) vs Richmond 0-0 (0) Ebert finds himself with space down the right flank and the ball winds up with Marshall, who has an unopposed shot on goal but misses to the right. You can cut the atmosphere with a knife.

9.52am BST09:52

Q1: 15 mins remaining: Port Adelaide 0-0 (0) vs Richmond 0-0 (0) And we’re away. An early clearance for Cotchin and a few early touches for Richmond, who have an inside-50 and a stoppage near the left behind post. Port work their way out.

9.49am BST09:49

National anthem done. And it was a good rendition. Adelaide Oval looks a picture. Rain looks to be abating. Moments away. But first, Never Tear Us Apart. Of course.

Heff - The Keeper League Podcast (@Heff_KL)

How good is finals? #AFLPowerTigers

October 16, 2020

9.46am BST09:46

Richmond aren’t a big clearance team. We know that. The ball will spend time in Port’s forward half. We know that. If Richmond can intercept and pressurise, if they can turn the ball over, work their way through and find Lynch, Riewoldt et al, then Port will have issues. If the Power can lock the ball in their forward 50 and keep the ball out of Richmond’s hands, then the Tigers will have issues.

And then it comes down to personnel. Will Port need Dixon to kick a bag to win? How closely will Richmond monitor Robbie Gray? Will Richmond need Lynch to kick a few? More to the point, will Lynch keep him emotions in check?! With Richmond almost back to full strength, how much time will Dustin Martin spend in the forward line? Will Trent Cotchin spend more time in the middle? Questions galore. We’re about to get some answers.

He’s not to everyone’s tastes, but they sure do love Cotch in Tigerland. Happy 250th, skip.

Richmond FC
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