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Aston Villa v Liverpool: Premier League – live!

Will Aston Villa cause a surprise by beating Liverpool? Join Nick Ames to find out
Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins, right, celebrates after scoring his side’s fourth goal.
Key events Show
  • 8.52pm BST20:52 Goal! Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool (Grealish 75)
  • 8.42pm BST20:42 Goal! Aston Villa 6-2 Liverpool (Grealish 66)
  • 8.36pm BST20:36 Goal! Aston Villa 5-2 Liverpool (Salah 60)
  • 8.31pm BST20:31 Goal! Aston Villa 5-1 Liverpool (Barkley 55)
  • 8.21pm BST20:21 Peeeep! Second half begins
  • 8.04pm BST20:04 Half-time: Aston Villa 4 (FOUR) - 1 Liverpool
  • 7.57pm BST19:57 Goal! Aston Villa 4-1 Liverpool (Watkins 39, hat-trick)
Live feed Show

8.59pm BST20:59

84 min: Martinez makes a “for the cameras” save from a flashing Jota header. He’s not been as busy in this half.

8.58pm BST20:58

83 min: Adrian is behind a long-range Nakamba shot, having previously failed to deal with a cross. When I said earlier that the score here could be anything, I wasn’t really expecting this.

8.56pm BST20:56

81 min: Some Villa changes – Nakamba and Elmohamady on for Cash and Douglas Luiz.

8.55pm BST20:55

80 min: “This is entertaining as most games have been this season: in a ‘one for the neutrals’ kind of way,” writes Norrie Hernon. “But the elephant in the room is that it shows a glaring drop in standards. Good football relies on good defensive shape and for goals to be – relatively – rare. Otherwise we’re just watching basketball on grass. I’m not usually a miserable b*****d, I swear.”

I know what you mean. I’m not *entirely* sure what is going on but it’s no coincidence, I think, that this is all happening in such unstable and uncertain times – much as there has largely been a trend away from structured defending recently. I suspect the extremes we are currently seeing will level off and in the short term I probably welcome them, because football suffers greatly as a spectacle without fans or atmosphere and needed/needs *something* to keep people hooked at the moment. Habits change so I actually think it’s important. Goodness, there are potentially 1,000 words in this aren’t there.

Updated at 8.56pm BST

8.52pm BST20:52

Goal! Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool (Grealish 75)

This is now absolutely absurd. Grealish, holding his run the right side of halfway, is found by a brilliant McGinn pass and is – like Watkins just now – given the freedom of Liverpool’s half. Unlike Watkins, he scores with a cheeky dink and that is seven-two to Aston Villa.

8.49pm BST20:49

74 min: The title race between Villa and Everton is going to have a very 80s vibe, isn’t it?

8.47pm BST20:47

72 min: Oh, it should be seven! Watkins is behind the defence yet again and on current form you’d back him overwhelmingly to score, but he allows Adrian to block with a foot.

8.45pm BST20:45

70 min: “I am going to stick my head out and say that Liverpool have been sloppy and no one can make me take that back,” writes Vibhanshu Bisht, and I think we are all praying Sky have laid on a car for Roy Keane in time for the post-match show.

8.44pm BST20:44

68 min: I’m not really sure what sport I am watching. This is so strange. Perhaps James Milner will bring proceedings some order: he’s on for Firmino, which suggests Klopp knows the jig is finally up.

8.42pm BST20:42

Goal! Aston Villa 6-2 Liverpool (Grealish 66)

My goodness me. Now Grealish gets in on it, jinking in from the left after being fed by Watkins and blasting in via Fabinho’s face! That’s three deflected goals for Villa but they have earned them, and Liverpool have let them get into these shooting positions. This is all beyond belief.

Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish celebrates their third deflected goal.

Updated at 8.47pm BST

8.40pm BST20:40

65 min: Barkley *almost* brings down a lofted ball from Grealish but is thwarted by Minamino. Those two have looked bang on the same wavelength today – an incredibly exciting proposition for Villa.

8.38pm BST20:38

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