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SA Health confirms two of last week's COVID-19 cases are the Omicron variant

Test results confirm two cases of COVID-19 recorded in South Australia are the Omicron variant. 

Health authorities have confirmed two cases of COVID-19 recorded in South Australia last week are the Omicron variant. 

Key points:
  • Two of SA's COVID-19 cases are the Omicron variant 
  • Close contacts of the Omicron cases must quarantine for 14 days 
  • SA Health has identified four high risk exposure sites

On Friday, SA Health revealed the two cases were suspected to be the new Omicron variant based on the travellers' departure location. 

Late last night, test results confirmed the suspicions. 

No further Omicron cases have been reported in SA at this stage.

Any close contacts of the Omicron cases have to quarantine for 14 days — regardless of their vaccination status — instead of the usual seven days. 

There are four high-risk exposure sites linked to one or both of the cases: 

  • Bakery on O'Connell at North Adelaide late on Tuesday, December 7
  • Olivers Pets and Plants at Glengowrie on Tuesday, December 7
  • Chicken Shack Seafood and Grill in Plympton on Tuesday, December 7
  • Supercheap Auto in Kilburn on Wednesday, December 8

In total, there are now more than 80 exposure sites across South Australia linked to positive COVID-19 cases. 

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The Den Restaurant at the Mayfair Hotel in the CBD on Monday, December 6 and an F45 gym at Glenelg East at several different times have been added to the list. 

Yesterday SA recorded seven new cases of COVID 19, bringing the total number of active cases in the state to 54.

Of the cases reported yesterday, five were vaccinated and two were unvaccinated. 

Three COVID-19 patients remain in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a stable condition. 

Businesses struggle with advice delays

Two staff members at Chicken Shack in Plympton were deemed close contacts of a positive case and were sent into quarantine. 

"Luckily at the time of the exposure they were the only people here," owner Daniel Diamanti said. 

A man with dark hair behind the counter of a chicken shopA man with dark hair behind the counter of a chicken shop
Owner of Chicken Shack Daniel Diamanti says his staff have received mixed messages from SA Health.

Mr Diamanti said the advice from SA Health in regards to the quarantine requirements had been confusing.

"We've got mixed messages over a 12-hour period but we got there in the end," he said. 

He said when the two staff members involved tested negative, SA Health advised them they could leave home.

He told them to wait while he double-checked and he was told by a different SA Health representative that they needed to isolate for two weeks.

"Luckily I called them to check that and then they relayed that message to my staff," he said. 

Olivers Pets and Plants at Glengowrie has reopened after a staff member tested positive on Thursday.

A woman with a pony tail wearing a black face maskA woman with a pony tail wearing a black face mask
Co-owner of Olivers Pets and Plants Rebecca Oliver says they shut the store as soon as they found out a staff member had tested positive.(ABC News)

The store's co-owner Rebecca Oliver said SA Health did not contact them until that night. 

"To be honest it took a little bit of time for us to get notified," she said. 

"We took action as soon as our staff member told us that she had been diagnosed positive. 

"We shut the store immediately and sent everybody home for testing and quarantine." 

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