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Police find body of woman missing at Babinda Boulders swimming hole in Far North Queensland

Police find the body of a woman reported missing at a popular Far North Queensland swimming hole.

Police have located the body of a woman reported missing at a popular Far North Queensland swimming hole.

Police said the woman was visiting the Babinda Boulders with friends yesterday when she slipped and went under the water just before 3:00pm.

Queensland Fire and Emergency swift water rescue teams, with police and SES personnel had searched the area around the Devil's Pool through the night.

Police have blocked the road leading into the site.

A Far North Queensland woman and a Brisbane man died in separate incidents at the notorious swimming spot last year.

Around 20 people have drowned at the site in the past 50 years.

Cairns Regional Councillor Brett Moller, whose division encompasses the Babinda Boulders, said the most recent event was "tragic, and so sad close to Christmas".

Mr Moller said fencing and warning signs had been improved at the site after the death of a swimmer there in 2008.

"There was a coroner's report and everything was implemented, but still since then we've had a number of tragedies up there," he said.

"We've improved the signage, we've improved the fencing and there is a clear restricted area but people disregard those signs and have no understanding of personal risk there.

"These things do happen in the natural environment and you've just got to be so aware of your own personal safety.

"It's wonderful scenery, the ferocity of the water through those big granite boulders makes it an amazing place, and completely safe on the paths and on the viewing deck."

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