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Battlefield 6 live blog recap — guns, jets, tanks and a robot dog revealed

Battlefield 6 is coming today and we have all the latest update for you


So a couple of thoughts: Battlefield 2014 looks very much like the spiritual successor to Battlefield 4, especially if "Levolution" returns with destructible environments. 

The footage suggests frenetic combat from boost-on-the-ground grunts to taking to the skies in next-gen fighter jets. 

Given the kit the soldiers were carrying, we can probably expect a suite of near-future guns and a lot of player/class customization. 

The robot dog looks pretty cool, as if a Boston Dynamics Spot was given machine gun and a military paint job. 

Battlefield 6 robot dog

(Image credit: Dice)

Ultimately, we'd have liked to have seen some proper game footage and more story information, but we'll have to wait for that. But Battlefield 2042 does look like an exciting new entry to the long-standing series. 

And that's the end of the reveal of what's officially called Battlefield 2042. 

Battlefield 6

(Image credit: Dice)

Sadly, there's been no actual game footage. But that will apparently happen on June 13, so only a few days to wait. Oh and that's when E3 2021 will take place as well as the Future Games Show Summer Showcase. 

These soldiers look a bit worried as they're about to be hit by a huge tornado-like storm. 

Battlefield 6

(Image credit: Dice)

Looks like urban combat is indeed back with a good degree of verticality. And proper jet combat; we look forward for those dog fights. 

Battlefield 6

(Image credit: Dice)

Rockets, tanks, ATVs, people being stabbed in the neck, yep it's Battlefield aright. 

So there's a robot fog after all! And some newish looking tech. 

Here we go! 

Another little snipped seems to have hinted at the U.S. and Russia pending conflict. We'd guess it's about dwindling resources for both nations. 

We keep hearing snippets of voice over in the countdown video; seems like displaced people and soldiers "with not country left to fight for" will feature. 

Less than 5 minutes to go. Tweet @tomsguide to let us know what you'd like to see from Battlefield 6. 

We don't know when the next Battlefield game will come our we'd guess the fall. But while you wait for Battlefield 6 why not try out Battlefield 4 as it's free to play right now. 

Our friends over at GamesRadar have a report on some last-minute Battlefield 6 leaks. The info drop seemingly details a new Specialist system to replace the class system in the previous games, as well as noting the story involves a near-future setting where the U.S and Russia "at the brink of war." 

We expect there to be tank and aerial combat, as well as some frenetic run-and-gun action. At least that's going by leaked Battlefield 6 gameplay screenshots. 

There's now only 30 minutes or so to go before the next Battlefield game is shown off. Expect to see PS5 and Xbox Series X gameplay. 

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