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Wow! Ben Affleck Debuts New Look in Charity Video with Matt Damon

Wow! Ben Affleck Debuts New Look in Charity Video with Matt Damon  Extra

Ben Affleck looks a little different these days!

Affleck appears in a new Omaze fundraiser video alongside friend Matt Damon, and everyone is talking about his clean-shaven look.

Not only is Ben sans beard, he also looks super fit in a form-fitting T-shirt.

The video is worth a look as he jokingly takes jabs at Matt’s performance, telling him things like, “You gotta spice it up. You gotta make it appealing. Like right now, no one wants to come have dinner with this guy. Let's do another take and, like, sell it; push it."

On another take, Affleck tells Damon, "Dude…don't be weird… Human beings don't behave like [that]. You have to be authentic."

Ben later insists, "Tell them something they're interested [in]… 'Hey, come see Jason Bourne or Batman.'"

Damon asks, “Robert Pattinson is coming?” referring to the new movie “The Batman.” Affleck shot back, “No, Jeremy Renner will be there, though.”

When Matt explains that Jeremy didn’t actually play Jason Bourne, but instead expanded the Bourne universe, Ben replied, “He improved on it.” Matt hit back, “Robert Pattinson took your job.”

Fans can head over to to enter to win lunch with the pair. The fundraiser supports the Eastern Congo Initiative and

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