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Here’s the Weather Forecast for New Year’s Eve in Australia

Whether your New Year's Eve plans are outdoors or indoors, here's your weather forecast for the last day of 2020.

We are fast approaching the end of 2020 (thank god), which calls for celebration on New Year’s Eve. The annual fireworks celebration will be happening a little differently this year. Some cities, like Sydney, are restricting the New Year’s Eve display to ticket holders only, while others have cancelled New Year’s fireworks entirely.

Plans can also change depending on the weather, so if you’re planning a (safe) gathering at home or at a venue on New Year’s Eve you’ll want to know if mother nature is going to have an impact. Here’s the current weather forecast for New Year’s Eve (31/12) across Australia, according to AccuWeather.


Temperature: 21-27 °C

Weather: Spotted showers and thunderstorms.

Chance of rain: 55%

Wind: North


Temperature: 22-27 °C

Weather: Mostly cloudy.

Chance of rain: 25%

Wind: North/North East


Temperature: 13-23 °C

Weather: Sunshine, patches of cloud.

Chance of rain: 20%

Wind: West/South West


Temperature: 24-33 °C

Weather: Cloudy with a few showers and storms.

Chance of rain: 62%

Wind: West/North West


Temperature: 15-22 °C

Weather: Partly cloudy.

Chance of rain: 20%

Wind: South West


Temperature: 11-20 °C

Weather: Mostly sunny, stray shower in the afternoon.

Chance of rain: 55%

Wind: West/North West


Temperature: 12-24 °C

Weather: Showers in the morning, cloudy, clearing at night.

Chance of rain: 63%

Wind: West/North West


Temperature: 18-26 °C

Weather: Sunny.

Chance of rain: 20%

Wind: East/South East

Unfortunately, for most of the country, it looks like showers and storms are on the cards. So it might be a good year to take your NYE celebrations indoors. But if you are venturing to the outside, maybe pack an umbrella.

Temperature-wise though, we're looking at a relatively pleasant evening. Unless you're in Darwin, where it's basically always hot. So plan your outfit accordingly and prepare to celebrate the end of the year in very 2020-style: inside.

You can also check out the weather forecast for Christmas and Boxing Day in Australia for the rest of your holiday plans.

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