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Worried you may have Omicron? Here are the symptoms you should watch out for | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the world, with as many as 4461 cases reported across India as well. Classified as a variant of concern (VoC) by the World Health Organization (WHO), Omicron is likely to become the dominant strain in the country in the near future, according to health experts.

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Meanwhile, Dr Sonam Solanki, consultant pulmonologist and bronchoscopist at Mumbai-based Masina Hospital, has listed out symptoms of Omicron:

(1.) Symptoms generally start with body ache, generalised weakness, fatigue, headache and fever in the initial days.

(2.) Eventually, people will develop a cough, which is likely to be dry. They are also likely to develop cold, leading to water from the nose, sneezing etc.

(3.) In at least 80 per cent cases, fever goes away in the first three days itself. However, if it persists, then that is a sign of moderate to severe infection which requires close monitoring.

How to mitigate its effect: According to Dr Solanki, isolating at the right time and preventing the infection's spread is the key. Taking RTPCR test will assure no symptom of the Omicron variant is missed.

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“Since Omicron is more infectious than the other mutant, it is important o be very cautious. Hence, not only an Omicron patient, but anyone stepping out should be properly masked. However, those who are showing symptoms should necessarily wear an N95 mask when leaving home for whatever reason. A simple or surgical mask may not suffice,” said Dr Solanki.

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