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Spain v Germany, Croatia v Portugal and more: Nations League – live!

Ferran Torres scored a hat-trick as Spain stormed into the Nations League Finals, while there were promotions for Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands
Ferran Torres celebrates Spain’s fifth goal.
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  • 9.35pm GMT21:35 Full time: Spain 6-0 Germany
  • 9.32pm GMT21:32 GOAL! Spain 6-0 Germany (Oyarzabal 89)
  • 9.14pm GMT21:14 GOAL! Spain 5-0 Germany (F Torres 72)
  • 8.58pm GMT20:58 GOAL! Spain 4-0 Germany (F Torres 55)
  • 8.24pm GMT20:24 GOAL! Spain 3-0 Germany (Rodri 38)
  • 8.19pm GMT20:19 GOAL! Spain 2-0 Germany (F Torres 33)
  • 8.02pm GMT20:02 GOAL! Spain 1-0 Germany (Morata 17)
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9.47pm GMT21:47

It wasn’t quite 17 November 1993, but that was a pretty eventful night in the Nations League. Spain did a spectacular number on Germany to reach next year’s finals tournament, while there were promotions for Montenegro, the Faroe Islands and - most memorably of all - Gibraltar. Goodnight!

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9.47pm GMT21:47

“Am watching the France-Sweden game,” says Julian Menz. “The commentator just said (freely translated of course), ‘One more goal and Sweden will qualify for ... [embarrassing pause] ... what?’. All blushes spared though, as Sweden took out their keeper, and France won the Stanley Cup. Or something like that.”

9.41pm GMT21:41

And this is what it all means

Group A3

  • France qualify for the Nations League Finals
  • Sweden are relegated

Group A4

  • Spain qualify for the Nations League finals

Group C1

  • Montenegro are promoted to League B
  • Cyprus are relegated to League D

Group D1

  • Faroe Islands are promoted to League C

Group D2

  • Gibraltar are promoted to League C
The Gibraltar players celebrate at the end of the match.

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9.41pm GMT21:41

The full-time scores
  • Croatia 2-3 Portugal (A3)
  • France 4-2 Sweden (A3)
  • Spain 6-0 Germany (A4)
  • Switzerland P-P Ukraine (A4 – cancelled)
  • Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan (C1)
  • Montenegro 4-0 Cyprus (C1)
  • Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands (D1)
  • Andorra 0-5 Latvia (D1)
  • Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein (D2)

9.39pm GMT21:39

GOAL and full time: Francve 4-2 Sweden (Coman 90+4) With Robin Olsen forward for a free-kick, Kingsley Coman taps the ball into an empty net. It was the last kick of the game; Sweden are going down to League B.

9.38pm GMT21:38

Full time: Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein I’m told the word is ‘scenes’. Gibraltar have also been promoted to League C!

9.37pm GMT21:37

Full time: Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands The Faroe Islands are promoted to League C!!

9.36pm GMT21:36

Full time: Montenegro 4-0 Cyprus As expected, a comfortable night for Montenegro. They are promoted, Cyprus are relegated.

9.35pm GMT21:35

Full time: Spain 6-0 Germany

Well nobody saw that coming. Spain join France in next year’s Nations League Finals after a spectacular thrashing of Germany in Seville. Ferran Torres scored a fine hat-trick, and if anything the score flattered Germany.

The Germany players react during their heavy defeat to Spain.

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9.34pm GMT21:34

GOAL! Andorra 0-5 Latvia (Krollis 90 pen)

Updated at 9.34pm GMT

9.33pm GMT21:33

Full time: Croatia 2-3 Portugal

9.33pm GMT21:33

GOAL! France 3-2 Sweden (Quaison 88) Now then! If Sweden can grab an equaliser, and Portugal hold on to their lead in Croatia, Sweden will avoid relegation.

9.32pm GMT21:32

GOAL! Spain 6-0 Germany (Oyarzabal 89)

Well I never.

9.32pm GMT21:32

GOAL! Croatia 2-3 Portugal (Ruben Dias 90) It’s been a good night for Manchester City players. Ruben Dias gets his second to give Portugal a meaningless but doubtless heartwarming victory in Croatia.

9.31pm GMT21:31

Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein Three minutes plus stoppage time remaining. Gibraltar have had no shots on target and have barely completed 100 passes in the match, but as things stand they will be promoted.

9.27pm GMT21:27

Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein Right, I’ve switched to the Gibraltar game. There are eight minutes remaining and Gibraltar are hanging on to the draw that would put them into League C.

9.25pm GMT21:25

“It boggles my mind,” says Yash Gupta, “that it is not even Spain’s best starting XI.”

9.24pm GMT21:24

Spain 5-0 Germany Dave Mandy wonders who was the last player to score a hat-trick against Germany. Michael Owen in 2001? Or has it been done since then?

9.21pm GMT21:21

League D It’s still Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein and Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands. As things stand Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands will be promoted, but a goal for Liechtenstein or Malta would change that.

9.19pm GMT21:19

Spain 5-0 Germany Serge Gnabry hits the bar with an angry long-range strike. Sheesh, he got hold of that.

9.19pm GMT21:19

Spain 5-0 Germany As if it’s not Spain 5-0 Germany.

9.18pm GMT21:18

“I should be doing work, but I’m curious, am I only the only transfixed by League D?” asks Stefan Martens. “It’s quickly become the highlight of every international break for me. The idea that one of Gibraltar or Liechtenstein will be in League C next time round. The sense of disbelief that Latvia (smallish population notwithstanding) finds itself mired in League D when it came close to beating Germany at a major tournament ‘just’ 16 years ago.

“And nothing against Malta (lovely and fascinating country), but my heart sagged when news of their goal in Ta’ Qali came: I’ve always thought the Faroes are a fairly useful side (in a non-patronising sort of way) and I’d be overjoyed to see them in League C next cycle. Maybe one day they could out-Iceland Iceland and all that.”

9.15pm GMT21:15

Latest scores
  • Croatia 2-2 Portugal (A3)
  • France 3-1 Sweden (A3)
  • Spain 5-0 Germany (A4)
  • Switzerland P-P Ukraine (A4 – cancelled)
  • Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan (C1)
  • Montenegro 4-0 Cyprus (C1)
  • Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands (D1)
  • Andorra 0-4 Latvia (D1)
  • Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein (D2)

9.14pm GMT21:14

GOAL! Spain 5-0 Germany (F Torres 72)

Ferran Torres completes a memorable hat-trick with an emphatic finish! Yet again Germany were taken apart on the break, and Torres swept a beautiful first-time shot past Neuer from 20 yards.

Ferran Torres celebrates his hat-trick.

Updated at 9.37pm GMT

9.13pm GMT21:13

GOAL! Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands (Jonsson 70) Ari Mohr Jonsson has equalised for the Faroe Islands! That’s a mighty goal, because a draw would ensure promotion to League C.

9.12pm GMT21:12

GOAL! Andorra 0-4 Latvia (Gutkovskis 70 pen) Andorra are going to finish rock bottom of group D1. On the plus side, there’s no relegation in League D.

9.11pm GMT21:11

“Hi Rob,” says Matt Burtz. “ESPN Plus here in the U.S. gives me a choice of all the games and I’ve gone with Gibraltar - Liechtenstein. Let me tell you, it’s far more entertaining than it has any right to be, even if the level is roughly equal to the National League North. Still 1-1, BTW.”

And if it stays like that, Gibraltar will be promoted to the National League proper.

9.06pm GMT21:06

GOAL! Croatia 2-2 Portugal (Kovacic 65) Mateo Kovacic’s second goal gives Croatia a bit of insurance, just in case Sweden come back to draw in France.

9.05pm GMT21:05

Spain 4-0 Germany Ferran Torres comes this close to his hat-trick, smashing just wide after another lovely move. Spain have been so exciting tonight.

9.04pm GMT21:04

GOAL! Croatia 1-2 Portugal (Joao Felix 60)

GOAL! France 3-1 Sweden (Giroud 59)

It looks like Sweden will be relegated from Group A3.

9.03pm GMT21:03

“This is getting alarming now,” says Jake Lynch. “I fear the DFB will be looking to make a change, and of course there is an obvious candidate at Anfield. I’d been hoping he’d stay a while longer.”

I can’t see it. One day, sure, but not at the moment; he’s not silly.

Germany’s captain Manuel Neuer reacts after Spain’s fourth.

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9.01pm GMT21:01

GOAL! Andorra 0-3 Lativa (J Ikaunieks 60) This is the one dead rubber of the night, though Janis Ikaunieks will remember it fondly: he’s scored twice in four minutes.

9.00pm GMT21:00

GOAL! Montenegro 4-0 Cyprus (Mugosa 60) Montenegro are going up, Cyprus are going down.

8.59pm GMT20:59

GOAL! Malta 1-0 Faroe Islands (Guillaumier 54) A big goal in Ta’ Qali. Matthew Guillaumier has given Malta the lead, and if it stays like that they will be promoted to League C!

8.58pm GMT20:58

GOAL! Andorra 0-2 Latvia (J Ikaunieks 57)

8.58pm GMT20:58

GOAL! Spain 4-0 Germany (F Torres 55)

Ferran Torres gets his second, ramming home from close range after a good Spanish break down the left. Germany’s defending has been abysmal.

Spain’s Ferran Torres rams the ball home from close range.

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8.56pm GMT20:56

Latest scores
  • Croatia 1-1 Portugal (A3)
  • France 2-1 Sweden (A3)
  • Spain 3-0 Germany (A4)
  • Switzerland P-P Ukraine (A4 – cancelled)
  • Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan (C1)
  • Montenegro 3-0 Cyprus (C1)
  • Malta 0-0 Faroe Islands (D1)
  • Andorra 0-1 Latvia (D1)
  • Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein (D2)

8.55pm GMT20:55

Spain 3-0 Germany There’s much more urgency in Germany’s attacking play in the second half. That’s the good news; the bad news is they need to score at least three times to have any chance of topping the the group.

Updated at 8.56pm GMT

8.54pm GMT20:54

GOAL! Croatia 1-1 Portugal (Ruben Dias 52) A potential spanner in Croatia’s works: Ruben Dias has equalised for Portugal in Split. Croatia still have a bit of a cushion with Sweden losing in France, but they are not completely safe.

8.52pm GMT20:52

Spain 3-0 Germany Another chance for Spain. Morata leads a three-on-two break but picks the wrong option and the move peters out. This could easily be 5-0 or 6-0.

8.50pm GMT20:50

Spain 3-0 Germany Manuel Neuer saves with his legs from Dani Olmo, who nicked the ball off Robin Koch and should probably have made it 4-0 to Spain. Germany are all over the show.

8.49pm GMT20:49

“Germany’s pressing of Spain has been uncoordinated and uncontrolled,” writes Paul. “The three midfield players Kroos, Goretzka and Ilkay are so far up the field when Spain build their attacks that some of their forwards are behind them. This seems a crazy idea as only Goretzka is a player who has the ability to be in such an aggressive pressing situation, Both Kroos and Ilkay favour sitting deeper as they are not the quickest. Also ridiculous marking at corners with Gnabry and Ilkay marking powerful and tall headers of the ball.”

It’s been very half-arsed, even down to the marking on set-pieces as you say. Gnabry v Morata? Good luck with that.

8.47pm GMT20:47

Peep peep! The second halves are underway. Germany have brought on Jonathan Tah for Niklas Sule.

8.42pm GMT20:42

“Evening Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “That Berti ‘goal’ still makes my jaw drop every time. There are FOUR England players playing him onside. Thank goodness VAR has put an end to dodgy offside decisions, eh?”

At least in the past you had a bit of clarity - most of the assistant referees were crap, so you knew to expect the unexpected.

8.40pm GMT20:40

“Spanish TV are calling this a festival of football,” says Paulo Biriani. “Can’t blame them. Personal question Rob. You’re not from Portsmouth are you?”

That is a personal question. I’m not, alas. As for Spain, they’ve been brilliant - so dynamic and decisive.

Updated at 8.40pm GMT

8.35pm GMT20:35

“Is it time for Joachim Low to quit and fulfil his destiny as a Bond villain?” wonders Rai Skrupskis. “Germany have been diabolical for a while.”

You’re probably right. He’s been doing the same job for 14 years, and I was about to slag him off for phoning it in and staying in his comfort zone until I remembered I’d been at the Guardian since 2004.

8.32pm GMT20:32

Peep peep! These are the half-time scores:

  • Croatia 1-0 Portugal (A3)
  • France 2-1 Sweden (A3)
  • Spain 3-0 Germany (A4)
  • Switzerland P-P Ukraine (A4 – cancelled)
  • Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan (C1)
  • Montenegro 3-0 Cyprus (C1)
  • Malta 0-0 Faroe Islands (D1)
  • Andorra 0-1 Latvia (D1)
  • Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein (D2)

And here’s what it all means, as things stand:

  • A3 Sweden will be relegated
  • A4 Spain will qualify for the Nations League finals
  • C1 Montenegro will be promoted and Cyprus relegated
  • D1 Faroe Islands will be promoted
  • D2 Gibraltar will be promoted

8.30pm GMT20:30

GOAL! Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein (Frick 44) Liechtenstein’s promotion hopes are still alive. Noah Frick has equalised in their must-win match in Gibraltar.

8.28pm GMT20:28

Spain 3-0 Germany Sergio Ramos is the latest man to suffer a hamstring injury. He is replaced by Eric Garcia of Manchester City.

8.24pm GMT20:24

Spain 3-0 Germany This has been a blistering performance from Spain. The scoreline doesn’t flatter them one bit.

8.24pm GMT20:24

GOAL! Spain 3-0 Germany (Rodri 38)

Spain get their second goal of the night from a corner. Fabian Ruiz curls an outswinger towards Rodri, who gets in front of his clubmate Rodri and flicks a superb header into the far corner.

Updated at 8.24pm GMT

8.21pm GMT20:21

GOAL! France 2-1 Sweden (Pavard 36) France have come behind to lead in Saint-Denis, and it looks like Sweden will be relegated to League B.

Benjamin Pavard fires in France’s second goal.

Updated at 8.35pm GMT

8.20pm GMT20:20

Spain 2-0 Germany F Torres scores against Germany in the 33rd minute; we’ve heard that one before.

Updated at 8.20pm GMT

8.19pm GMT20:19

GOAL! Spain 2-0 Germany (F Torres 33)

A deserved goal - not just for Spain but also Ferran Torres, who is having a storming game. Dani Olmo flashed a header onto the bar and Torres smashed the rebound past Manuel Neuer. Spain are heading to next summer’s Nations League final.

Ferran Torres celebrates Spain’s second.

Updated at 8.30pm GMT

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