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Drake Shouts Out Friend Who Returned 'Chappelle's Show' DVD 15 Years Later

Drizzy took to social media on Tuesday to celebrate a longtime friend who borrowed his ‘Chappelle’s Show’ DVD finally returning his copy years later.

There’s a reason some libraries have late fees, and honestly, Drake would be even wealthier than he already is if he did the same. 

Drizzy—who apparently was an avid Dave Chappelle fan back in ‘07—took to Instagram Tuesday to celebrate longtime friend Dalton “D10” Tennant finally giving him back his DVD boxset of Chappelle’s Show, 15 years after loaning it from his pal. 

“I let D10 borrow this in like ‘07,” Drake wrote in an Instagram story, showing a picture of the DVD, “Man sent me a text said I can have it back now.”

Screenshot of Drake's 'Chappelle' boxset
Image via Instagram

D10 has been Drake’s musical director for a minute now, making sure his live shows run smoothly, so it might come as a bit of a surprise that the pair never talked about the missing complete series copy of Chappelle’s Show, but hey, some things are more important. 

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Either way, at this point Drizzy had the man himself performing in his home just months back while he squashed his beef with Kanye West, so a DVD likely doesn’t mean much at this point. 

“You have to admit to yourself [that] this sh*t is impressive,” Chappelle said in a clip Drake posted. “I cannot believe I’m in a n***a’s house. A n***a from this city that did not grow up this way. Tonight, he brought some of the biggest stars on earth to his home. Kanye West is in his home.”

Just yesterday, Quavo took to Instagram to jokingly demand Drizzy pay up his end of a bet after Georgia toasted Alabama in the National Champtionship game, so let’s hope that DVD has some resale value now. 

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