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Who is Eros the Titan? The Character Harry Styles Could Play in Marvel's 'The Eternals'

After "The Eternals" held its world premiere, Harry Styles fans were thrilled to discover he makes an appearance in the movie and could be joining the MCU.

Harry Styles' fans are discovering the singer-turned-actor is making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in The Eternals.

After the world premiere was held in Los Angeles, California, some viewers at the screening revealed that Styles makes an appearance. What's more, sources also seemed to confirm he'd be playing the character Eros the Titan, aka Starfox.

Styles has appeared in a number of movie roles at this point but joining Marvel and The Eternals would mark his biggest on screen job to date.

While many Marvel superheroes are household names, many readers will be unfamiliar with Eros and his origins with the Marvel Comics.

Confirmation Harry Styles is in The Eternals

A lucky few have seen the final cut of The Eternals at the world premiere and have seemingly confirmed Styles is in the movie.

Twitter user @dpatt0 gave one of the clearest indications with his initial reaction to the movie. He called it a "rustic masterstroke from Chloe Zhao" the director.

He finished his brief review by saying "That post-credit scene will give people a watermelon sugar high" followed by the watermelon emoji.

#Eternals is another rustic masterstroke from Chloe Zhao! With a fun set of characters and pure sincerity, the MCU continues to evolve (watch out for Frances McDormand reprising her Nomadland role in pyjamas)! That post-credit scene will give people a watermelon sugar high

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