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Eva Mendes reveals the secret to her age-defying looks

Eva Mendes has graced our screens for years, but what some people may not realise about the Cuban beauty is that she has the power to stop time.

Eva Mendes has graced our screens for years, but what some people may not realise about the Cuban beauty is that she has the power to stop time.

Well, not literally. But one scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see her fans are convinced the 46-year-old Hollywood star doesn’t age.

“You still look the same today,” one pointed out in a photo she posted from 15 years ago.

So what’s her secret?

Well, this may disappoint you, but Mendes credits “hard work” and lots of water.

“I am trying to workout again because when I get into a rhythm I feel better for a host of reasons,” the mother-of-two told

“But once I drop off of it, which I have, it’s so much harder to get that motivation to do it again.”

Mendes, who was speaking from LA in her role as the 2020 McHappy Day ambassador, added she is not the “train every day type”, instead aiming to workout three times a week for up to two hours.

“I actually really enjoy weights and I do think after a certain age – and every woman is different – but for me, weight training has become very, very important,” she said.

“Before it was, ‘ah, I’ll do some light weights and cardio’ but now it’s all about maintaining that muscle mass which is so important to me right now – and I’ll begrudgingly do cardio.”

When it comes to her “inner health” the one thing she never leaves the house without taking is her omega supplements.

“I take a lot of supplements. Yes, I am that person,” Mendes laughs. “I never skip my omegas, that’s my number one.”

When it comes to her skin, she said the trick is the old favourite – drink plenty of water.

“Water and hydration, and you can really tell; my skin, my lips are thankful when I am properly hydrated,” she said.

Mendes also indulges in regular facials, saying her go-to is PRP, better known as the “vampire” facial made famous by Kim Kardashian.

The gory-looking treatment uses your own blood’s platelets and plasma on your face to help stimulate collagen growth.

“I am a bit adventurous with my treatments and I’ll try different things,” Mendes said.

Like most mums, Mendes – known for her roles in Training Day and Hitch – tries to find a bit of “me time” for self-care but said family always comes first.

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While she doesn’t often reveal details about raising her two young girls, Esmeralda, 6, and Amada, 4, with husband and Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling, 39 – she opened up to about their relationship and family life in lockdown.

“I don’t know what Ryan would say about me, but he is just such an incredible partner throughout all this,” Mendes tells

“He is such an incredible co-pilot and we’re really doing it together.

“I love my father dearly and this is in no way a disrespect, but I am just being honest – my mother had to take care of four children on her own with very little help, so when you have someone who really is a co-pilot and you’re doing it together, it means everything.

“I can’t imagine doing this without him. He’s just such a support system for me and when there’s time I need to tap out, he’s in.”

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The Hollywood star took time out from her family life to speak about a charity close to her heart, the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and her role as the ambassador for the annual November 14 fundraising event McHappy Day.

“This was a dream collaboration because I can vouch for this charity,” she said.

“When my cousin’s baby was one year old, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

“He is seven now, thriving and in remission but it was obviously the worst time of her life.

“She had to relocate from California to New York and was alone, with nobody. I kept asking, ‘How can I help, can I offer you an apartment’, but she said she was taken care of by the Ronald McDonald House.”

Mendes said she was aware they were a huge support for families in need, but didn’t quite understand what work went into keeping families together.

“We were all living this nightmare with her and to see her support system came from Ronald McDonald House was just everything,” she said.

“So I love I am able to vouch for it, to say dig deep Aussies because you can feel very helpless in a situation where someone has a sick child, but this is one way to donate and help.”

Mendes, who was born in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents Eva Perez Suarez and Carlos Mendez, faced her own personal battle in 2016 when she lost her eldest brother Juan Carlos to throat cancer.

Mendes was pregnant with Amada when her 53-year-old brother, and father-of-two, passed away.

“It still feels surreal, I haven’t really seen him in a while. Grief is so interesting because it’s such a process,” she told

“I thought it would go differently but it’s so incredibly painful and such a long process and sometimes I feel he’s right here and sometimes he feels so far away from me.”

Since then, the 46-year-old has taken time from the big screen to focus on family and raising her two young girls.

Mendes, known for her caramel-auburn hair, big brown eyes and beauty mark on her left cheek said at the moment she’s focused on getting through 2020 – but added once the year is behind her, she will look to do “special” projects.

“I feel now that the girls are getting older I’d like to do something that’s really special. A project they can enjoy perhaps, but the list is short,” she admits.

“I don’t want to do anything that’s violent, I don’t want to do anything risqué. I am in a different headspace now.

“I am a total mum and I love being a mum. I have these two little girls looking up to me so I have to make sure I really do a quality project.”

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