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Is FIFA 23 FUT Web App down? Not working & EA Account login fix

Some are asking is the FIFA 23 FUT Web App down, and here is why the application is not working as EA seek an account login fix.

The FIFA 23 FUT Web App is currently not working for many players, and this has resulted in people asking if the application is down as the community desperately seeks a fix for the EA account login issue.

This is the final FIFA game to come out from EA and there’s lots to anticipate. The release date for the early access EA Play 10-hour trial is only a few days away, and this will allow us all to experience the new features for gameplay, career mode, and so much more.

Ultimate Team fans should be able to start crafting their squad right now, but there are game-breaking issues with the online FUT application.

FIFA 23 | Reveal Trailer



FIFA 23 | Reveal Trailer





Is the FIFA 23 Web App down?

The FIFA 23 FUT Web App is not down as of writing, but EA has acknowledged that there are issues with players attempting to login.

Over on FIFA Direct Communications, EA has expressed that there is an issue preventing some players from connecting to the application. They are investigating the problem, but there is no solution as of yet.

Players were able to login seamlessly yesterday, but there have been numerous complaints on Twitter today about it no longer allowing them to login.

Why is the FIFA 23 FUT Web App not working?

The FIFA 23 FUT Web App is not working as many players are confronted with an error that says they cannot login with their EA account.

Posted by father_fifa on Twitter, the Getting Started message says players are either trying to sign into the wrong profile or need to create an FUT 23 club on console or PC first. This Getting Started message has been shared in the masses, but you can reach out to EA Help for private communication.

In addition to the above, the Web App will not work if you do not meet the early access requirements established on FIFA Forums:

  • Have an existing FUT 22 Club that was created before August 1st, 2022
  • Have an EA account in good standing meaning you haven’t previously broken any rules

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We're aware of an issue preventing some players connecting to the Web App, and we’re investigating.

— FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) September 22, 2022

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EA account login fix

EA has expressed on FIFA Direct Communications that they are looking to fix the issue that is preventing players from logging into the Web App.

There is no predicted time for when a fix will be delivered, but hopefully it won’t take too long. It’s important note that some people are still able to access the application, so it’s not down for everyone.

An update will be provided on EA’s social channels when the issue is resolved, but you can contact EA Help to try to get a possible fix while the investigation continues.

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