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India vs New Zealand Live Score, 1st Test, Day 1: Onus on Rahane, Iyer to rebuild Indian innings | Hindustan Times

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:37 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: Confident stroke-playing from Iyer

    Shreyas Iyer had a shaky start but he looks to be settling at the crease now. A couple of confident shots from the batter against Jamieson. 

    India 138/3 in 48 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:31 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Updates: Somerville into the attack

    The off-spinner replaces Ajaz Patel at the other end. He continues with similar variations as in the first spell, not providing enough flight to his deliveries and often forcing Rahane to step out.

    India 132/3 in 47 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:27 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Updates: Southee walks off the field

    Southee is in some discomfort and he abruptly stops on his follow-through on his fifth delivery and walks off the field. Bad news for New Zealand.

    Kyle Jamieson completes his over.

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:25 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: Rahane using his feet against Ajaz

    Ajaz continues to pull his length a little and the Indian batters are seemingly following a similar template to attack the left-armer. Rahane creams this delivery past cover for a four.

    India 127/3 in 45 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:20 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Updates: A bit of reverse for Southee

    Tim Southee is finding some reverse. Angles back into Shreyas Iyer but the right-handed batter remains wary of the late movement. Successfully fends off all deliveries.

    India 122/3 in 44 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:14 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Cricket Score: Drinks break

    Strong start for New Zealand in the second session of Day 1. Kyle Jamieson struck immediately after lunch, castling Shubman Gill and Tim Southee trapped Pujara with the fourth stump line as well. The onus is now on the two Mumbai batters - captain Rahane and debutant Iyer to steer India out of trouble.

    India 122/3 in 43 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:09 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: When Dravid got angry at Iyer

    During an India A match against Australia, Dravid got annoyed with Shreyas Iyer because he attempted a risky shot during the last over of Day 1. 

    Wondering how Dravid – now India head coach – would've reacted now, as Iyer played another risky shot for his first runs in Test cricket!

  • Nov 25, 2021 01:04 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Score: Iyer takes the aerial route!

    Iyer, yet to get off the mark, lofts Ajaz Patel's fullish ball over mid-on. Couldn't find the distance but the ball lands in the safe zone. A risky shot to begin with.

    However, Iyer ends the over strongly with a pull over midwicket for four.

    India 119/3 in 41 overs 

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:59 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Updates: NZ lose a review

    A strange review from New Zealand, largely motivated by Tim Southee's excessive appeal. The point of impact was far outside the off-stump. Rahane survives.

    India 109/3 in 39.3 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:58 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Cricket Score: Iyer joins Rahane

    The debutant, Shreyas Iyer has joined skipper Rahane at the crease. It is not the most ideal situation to come on a debut, as the two set batters were dismissed in quick succession. A test of patience and grit awaits.

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:52 PM IST

    IND vs NZ Live Score 1st Test: Pujara falls!

    Cheteshwar Pujara throws away a good start. Tim Southee picks a big wicket here. Southee draws Pujara into front-foot defence but the gap between bats and pad is too much, as the batter finds thick edge. Blundell makes no mistake behind the wickets.

    India 106/3 in 38 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:47 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test: 10 runs off Ajaz

    A four each for Rahane and Pujara as the duo score 10 runs off Ajaz Patel's 13th over. The duo is making the most out of the spinner while Jamieson confines Pujara with short-pitched balls.

    A change in bowling, though, as Tim Southee replaces Jamieson. Probably as the Kiwi pacer is still rusty; this is his first international match since the World Test Championship final in June.

    India 106/2 in 37 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:44 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Score: 100 up for India!

    India reach three figures in the 37th over of the innings. Rahane brings India's 100 with a confident drive through covers for a boundary against Ajaz Patel.

    India 100/2 in 36.3 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:39 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Score: Pujara back in action

    So it seems he's ready to go again. Kyle Jamieson welcomes Pujara with yet another short ball. A little deja vu for the Indian batter from the Gabba Test earlier this year! Expect a short-ball barrage from Jamieson.

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:36 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Updates: Pujara hit by Jamieson's delivery

    Looks like Cheteshwar Pujara is in some pain after Jamieson's short-pitched delivery hit his gloves during the last ball of the 34th over. He is getting treatment for his fingers.

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:33 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Score: Jamieson and his no-balls

    Kyle Jamieson has bowled four no-balls in his 9 overs so far in this innings – two of them coming after lunch. Regardless, he has the wickets to his name, and for now, that is all that matters for New Zealand.

    India 95/2 in 34 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:29 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Score: First runs for the skipper

    Confident shot from Rahane to get off the mark. Jamieson marginally pulls back his length a little and Rahane pounces on the opportunity, giving the delivery a gentle push as the ball glides past cover and point for a four.

    India 89/2 in 33.2 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:26 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Live Cricket Score: Ajaz returns

    With Gill no more on the crease, Williamson brings Ajaz Patel back into the attack. Another good start for New Zealand – the key is to build on it. They failed to do so in the first innings; will the Kiwis capitalise on the momentum this time?

    India 84/2 in 33 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:24 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Update: Tight from Jamieson

    The Kiwi quick continues to target the fourth stump line. He had earlier troubled Gill with similar line in his first spell as well. 

    Jamieson bowls length to new batter Ajinkya Rahane, who has come at no.4 in the absence of Virat Kohli. The stand-in Indian captain successfully fends off the danger. Maiden from Jamieson.

    India 82/2 in 32 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:14 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: WICKET!

    Jamieson strikes again! Gill out on 52. Brilliant start yet again from the Kiwi quick. He breaches through Shubman Gill's defence, targetting the opener's front foot. Pitches it marginally outside off-stump, drawing Gill to play a front-foot defence; however, Gill finds a huge inside-edge and gets castled.

    India 82/2 in 30 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 12:10 PM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live: Back for the second session

    Gill and Pujara will aim to continue on their partnership in the second session of the day. Kyle Jamieson to begin the proceedings.

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:30 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Cricket Score: India 82/1 at Lunch

    Excellent recovery from India after Mayank Agarwal's early dismissal. Shubman Gill has spearheaded the run-scoring duties in the partnership with Cheteshwar Pujara as he reached his half-century in 82 deliveries, while the Indian no.3 continues to dig in, as both stabilise the innings after Jamieson dismissed Mayank early in the seventh over.

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:28 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live Updates: Ravindra impressive

    Tight start from Rachin Ravindra. The left-armer explores lengths as he continues his variations with speed and line. Only 1 off his second as well.

    India 81/1 in 28 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:22 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Score: 50 for Gill!

    A solid innings from the Indian opener as he brings his half-century in 81 deliveries. India had a shaky start but the youngster has steered a strong rebuild alongside Cheteshwar Pujara to pull India back in the first session.

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:20 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: Rachin Ravindra replaces Patel

    BIG TURN! Ravindra gets the ball to turn away from Shubman Gill. A great first over from the left-armer as he continues his variations with line and length, as well as speeds – very similar to India's left-armers Axar and Jadeja.

    India 79/1 in 26 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:16 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Updates: Ajaz expensive

    The spinner made a good start but has begun to leak runs. Might have been unfortunate in this particular over against Pujara, as the batter gets a thick inside edge for a two behind square before the batter flicks a leg-side freebie for a three.

    India 76/1 in 24 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:10 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test Live: 50-run partnership!

    Confidence building among both, Gill and Pujara after the early setback in the innings. Gill has been spearheading the run-scoring in the partnership, while Pujara continues to dig in.

    India 71/1 in 23 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:06 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Score: Gill continues charge 

    Gill keeps the scoreboard ticking as he continues to target Ajaz Patel at the other end while Pujara sees off Somerville at the other. The opener charges down the track on the first delivery of Patel's eighth over and beats Kane Williamson at mid-off for a four

  • Nov 25, 2021 11:00 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score: India 63/1 in 20 overs

    Change of ends for Ajaz Patel but Shubman continues to target the spinner. After two dots in the first two deliveries, Patel pitches one a little full and Gill goes on the backfoot to flick it through midwicket four another boundary.

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:57 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Updates: 2 off Somerville's first

    Right lengths from the off-spinner. He is forcing Pujara to step out but Somerville might want to pull his length a little further if he wants to induce a mistake against the right-hander.

    India 58/1 in 19 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:54 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Cricket Score: William Somerville into the attack

    Somerville replaces Ajaz Patel at the other end. The off-spinner is playing in his first Test since January 2020.

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:47 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Updates: 50 for India

    Smart batting from Gill. Ajaz pulls his length and the opener waits for the ball, offering his bat at the last moment to cut it behind. 50 up for India!

    10 off Ajaz's over. India 53/1 in 17 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:45 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live Score: SIX!

    Shubman Gill slams the first six of Indian innings! The batter takes on Ajaz Patel early in the over. Steps out of his crease on a fuller-length delivery and offers a straight bat; finds the timing perfectly and lofts ot over long-on for a maximum! 

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:43 AM IST

    IND vs NZ Live Score: Impressive from Shubman

    The batter opens his arms against Tim Southee. A touch of intent from the youngster as he flicks a fuller delivery from Southee for a strong boundary through deep square. He went for another aggressive shot on the next delivery as well, but finds a thick outside edge for a two.

    India 43/1 in 16 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:40 AM IST

    IND vs NZ 1st Test Live: Tight from Ajaz

    The left-armer is inviting Pujara to step out - almost teasing lengths here. Pujara more comfortable playing on the backfoot and rightly so, as Ajaz has been pulling back his length a little.

    India 36/1 in 15 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:35 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Live Updates: Drinks break

    New Zealand have dominated the first hour of the innings. New Zealand pacers have extracted movement off the new ball and Kyle Jamieson has struck the big wicket up-front. Ajaz Patel has maintained pressure with his balls turning away from the right-handers. Intensity will be key – will the Kiwi bowlers bank on the momentum?

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:30 AM IST

    IND vs NZ Live Score: 34/1 in 13 overs

    Pujara continues on his template to step outside on a good length. Successfully defends on all six deliveries as Patel bowls a second maiden.

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:25 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand 1st Test: Shubman finds his first boundary

    A better over from India and it has come against Ajaz Patel. Both, Gill and Pujara have been stepping out against the left-arm spinner, and Gill on this occasion guides the ball past point for his first four of the innings.

    India 31/1 in 11 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:19 AM IST

    IND vs NZ Live Cricket Score: India 24/1 in 10 overs

    Controlled start from the New Zealand bowlers here. Alongside Jamieson, Ajaz Patel has also put Indian batters in significant discomfort with the ball turning away. 

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:16 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand: Cheteshwar Pujara joins Gill

    Excellent start from Jamieson. He made variations with his lengths throughout the over to dismiss Mayank and finally got his man. 

    Pujara is the new man in. For now, India need Pujara to do what Pujara does best.

    India 24/1 in 9 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:07 AM IST

    IND vs NZ Live: WICKET!

    Kyle Jamieson dismisses Mayank Agarwal on 13! The Kiwi bowler had been troubling Mayank with the ball moving away and the opening batter eventually succumbs to one in the seventh over. 

    Jamieson keeps it in line of stumps and the ball moves slightly away towards the fourth stump, forcing Agarwal to guard the stumps. However, he nicks it for an easy catch to Tom Blundell.

    India 21/1 in 8 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:06 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Score: Brilliant first over from Ajaz Patel

    IndiSpin will likely play a key role throughout the game if Ajaz Patel's first over is anything to go by. He troubled Shubman Gill with the ball turning away and a lower bounce had almost caught the Indian batter on the final delivery of the over! 

  • Nov 25, 2021 10:03 AM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score: Spin in attack after 6 overs

    Ajaz Patel into the attack and finds turn on his very first ball as he induces an outside edge off Mayank Agarwal. The ball falls wide away from the fielder at first slip. 

    Patel starts with a maiden. India 17/0 in 7 overs 

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:57 AM IST

    First boundary

    Not the most satisfactory of fours but India will take it. Very low bounce on the pitch here. Mayank Agarwal finds the bottom edge off a short ball but it doesn't carry to Tom Blundell, as the ball races past the wicketkeeper for a boundary.

    India 15/0 in 5 overs

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:47 AM IST

    First runs for Gill

    The batter is now stepping out to negate some movement. A flick towards midwicket for a couple and Gill gets off the mark with a two.

    India 5/0 in 3 overs 

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:45 AM IST

    Good review from Shubman Gill!

    He was adjudged LBW on a length ball from Southee (3rd over) but Gill goes upstairs straightaway. The review shows Gill got an inside edge. Good thinking from Southee, however, as he targets the batter's loose front-foot movement.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:42 AM IST

    India 3/0 in 2 overs

    Movement for Jamieson up-front as Mayank plays it safe against him after scoring three off the first over against Tim Southee. Jamieson has been keeping his lengths a little fuller than Southee.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:39 AM IST

    Kyle Jamieson from the other end

    Jamieson finds movement straightaway, as he gets the ball moving away from the right-handed Mayank Agarwal. The bowler has been included in the XI at the expense of Neil Wagner, who was speculated to play in the first Test.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:35 AM IST

    First runs for India

    Mayank Agarwal hits the first runs for India. A couple for the right-handed batter as he pushes the ball past gully.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:31 AM IST

    The action begins!

    We're done with the national anthems and it's time for the Test action to begin in Kanpur! Mayank Agarwal and Shubman Gill open for India - both making a comeback in the Test team. Tim Southee to bowl the first over.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:26 AM IST

    Players line up for national anthems

    The players are on the field ahead of the start of the game for the national anthems in Kanpur.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:15 AM IST

    Cheteshwar Pujara relishing vice-captaincy

    “The way the guys have played, it is an added responsibility,” Pujara says on vice-captaincy during the pre-match interview on Star Sports.

    On preparation: “It has been good, I was part of IPL. Even though I didn't play, I was training. I got an opportunity and batted. We had 3-4 days of practice at Mumbai as well, we are looking forward to playing at home. Good opportunity for all of us.”

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:09 AM IST

    3 spinners, 2 seamers for India

    Axar Patel, who had taken 27 wickets in just three games in the last Test series in India (against England) will join seasoned campaigners Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin as India play three spinners in the XI. Mohammed Siraj, however, remains absent from the side – possibly due to the injury he sustained during the T20I series.

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:06 AM IST

    New Zealand XI

    Tom Latham, Will Young, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell(w), Rachin Ravindra, Tim Southee, Ajaz Patel, Kyle Jamieson, William Somerville

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:05 AM IST

    Mayank Agarwal, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane (c), Shreyas Iyer, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

  • Nov 25, 2021 09:01 AM IST

    Toss Update

    India win toss, opt to bat against New Zealand in Kanpur

  • Nov 25, 2021 08:59 AM IST

    Ashwin eyeing record

    With 413 wickets, the off-spinner is only five wickets away from overtaking India spinner Harbhajan Singh for the third position in the list of highest Indian wicket-takers in Test cricket.

    • Kumble - 619 wickets
    • Kapil Dev - 434 wickets
    • Harbhajan - 417
    • ASHWIN - 413
  • Nov 25, 2021 08:48 AM IST

    Iyer receives maiden Test cap from Sunil Gavaskar

    Legendary former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has presented Shreyas Iyer with his Test cap ahead of the Mumbai batter's debut in the 1st Test.

  • Nov 25, 2021 08:41 AM IST

    Shreyas Iyer to make debut

    Stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane had confirmed in the pre-match press conference that Shreyas Iyer would be making his Test debut for the side.

    Incidentally, Iyer's last First-class appearance came in February 2019 during the Irani Trophy!

  • Nov 25, 2021 08:35 AM IST

    Players arrive in Green Park

    Test cricket returns to Green Park after 5 years! Incidentally, New Zealand were India's opponents in the last Test played here in 2016.

  • Nov 25, 2021 08:30 AM IST

    All-format seniors rested; Test seniors return

    A number of 'all-format' senior players – Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and Rishabh Pant – have been rested for the series against New Zealand. In addition, captain Virat Kohli will also be unavailable for the 1st Test in Kanpur. 

    Earlier this week, it was also confirmed that KL Rahul will be missing the series due to a muscle injury. This allows the team management with an opportunity to test their bench strength even as Test seniors – Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav return.

  • Nov 25, 2021 08:23 AM IST

     IND vs NZ, 1st Test

    Hello and welcome to the live coverage of India vs New Zealand 1st Test, Day 1 in Kanpur. The series provides Team India with an opportunity to test their bench strength, with a number of senior players either rested or out with injury. New Zealand, meanwhile, are boosted with the arrival of Kane Williamson to the squad.

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