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Kathryn Newton / A Teacup for Every Wish Granted — Flaunt Magazine

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Not every wish comes wrapped in a pretty bow. Some show up with a chainsaw. So when Chris Landon, director of new horror film, Freaky, first approached rising actor Kathryn Newton, she was taken aback. “I had no idea how to be a serial killer,” she laughs, recalling her initial preparation for the dual roles of sweet, innocent Millie and the bloodthirsty Butcher. But after Newton sat down with Landon over coffee to discuss the new twist on the decades old and beloved, Freaky Friday, the director affirmed there was indeed a killer inside of her, that there was no one better to don the signature red blazer and a chainsaw instead of her schoolbooks. Adding to the already outrageous mix of elements, Vince Vaughn joined the cast shortly thereafter and the three brainstormed to define the physicality of the characters and push the film’s eccentricity, which sees Newton seamlessly transition between a regular teenage girl and a ‘murder Barbie.’

Despite the grisly murders along the way, Landon anchors the heart of the story in a girl’s struggle to find and believe in herself, a motif that Newton relates to. As the captain of her high school’s golf team and a self-proclaimed nerd, Newton struggled to fit in at school, which wasn’t helped by the fact that she was often not in attendance and rather on set. With some distance on that period, Newton parallels Millie’s journey to that of her own, where what Millie gets picked on and bullied for in the film are in fact what save her in the end. “It was the same with me, growing up,” she shares on points of painful differentiation that eventually became her creative fuel. “I used to wear weird outfits in eighth grade, just weird mistakes basically. But the truth is, it’s like I still do that. Like that’s still who I am, I still like fashion, I take fashion risks all the time. It’s things like that that actually make me so special and unique.”

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