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Our verdict on Lancôme’s le8 new serum-infused mascara

Lancôme has mastered the art of making a perfect mascara, and its new wand is no exception

Figuratively speaking everyone has a beauty item they just can’t live without or that one product they would want if they were stranded on a desert island. Ask around and we can guarantee you that mascara would be among the top answers.

Whether you like a natural no make-up look or a full-on faux lash effect, the beauty staple can be transformative to any look. Just a few lashings can have such an eye-opening effect and make eyes look bigger and brighter instantly.

The choice is endless when it comes to finding “the one”. That decision is only made even more confusing with the continuous launch of innovative new formulas and brush designs with each promising to be the next best thing. But if there’s a mascara brand you can rely on to always come-up trumps it’s Lancôme.

Lash pioneers since 1967, the French beauty brand has outdone itself time and time again, always ahead of the mascara game with next-level lash-definers. From its bestselling cult-classic hypnôse (£28.50, for fullness, to last year’s lash idôle (£24, for fanned-out lift and volume – which just so happens to be our best buy in our round-up of the best mascaras – it’s fair to say the brand knows how to beat off stiff competition when it comes to mascara making.

Therefore, it’s fair to say we got just a little bit excited when the postman arrived with a new wand from the brand ahead of its launch. And that excitement almost completely bubbled over when we realised that it’s a serum-infused formula.

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Joining the rise in makeup that acts as skincare, it promises to build a full-bodied effect like the classic hypnôse (hence the name), as well as caring for the lashes with its conditioning and strengthening formula. The question is: has Lancôme outdone themselves again with this two-in-one? Read on to find out…

How we tested

Putting the new wand through its paces for seven days, we marked it on several criteria. Firstly, how easy it was to apply and build volume, as well as take off at the end of the day. Secondly, how the added serum made our lashes feel, and lastly, its staying power. This is what we made of the brand’s latest formula.


Rating: 9/10

Designed as a treatment as well as a mascara, Lancôme wanted to address two concerns in this new formulation. Firstly, the difficulty of applying mascara to hardened lashes, as well as the problem of lash loss when removing. And we’d say it has found the solution with this serum infusion that both conditions and softens the flutter, as well as strengthens each and every lash to prevent them from falling out.

It does this with the help of a concentrate of eight amino acids: tiny molecules that combine like building blocks to form keratin – the protein that makes up the structure of hair and eyelashes. In turn, rebuilding and strengthening them.

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The second part of the formula is the conditioning black balm that’s wax-free. Instead, it’s enriched with shea butter that – just as it does to the skin – softens and nurtures the hairs. It also makes it easy to glide on as well as take off without any tugging at the end of the day. Plus, it’s gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

The application

When it comes to design, we have to give it full marks. The solid glass bottle was the creation of a historic French glassmaker, and it shows. Far from a traditional cylinder shade, there’s clearly a figure-of-eight outline – a nod to not only the name but the infinity of the recyclable bottle says the brand. But, most importantly we found it moulds to the shape of the hand perfectly for comfort.

The brush also resembles the bottle, as the soft plant fibre bristles sit in the same formation. This is not just a design gimmick though, this is so the soft plant fibre bristles follow the curve of the eye and get to every lash for a fuller flutter. By turning to the flat side to coat the lashes, and twisting 90 degrees to sculpt with the curved side, you’ll find this easy to thicken every lash.

The result

(Sabine Wiesel/The Independent)

Just like the bestselling hypnôse mascara (£28.50,, what you get with this wand is a full-bodied volume that can be built up but still looks beautifully natural. What you don’t get is that false-lash effect, if that’s the kind of volume you’re after then this isn’t for you.

It makes light and easy work of layering – helped by the hourglass brush fitting the eye contour perfectly which makes it easy to get to each and every lash. Expect your lashes to still feel super lightweight, because we actually didn’t feel like we were wearing mascara. And with ongoing use we can confidently say that our lashes felt softer and more flexible, which is where it differs from the original.

When it comes to removal, there is no doubt this glides off easily for a gentle take off. Perfect for the most sensitive and easily irritated eyes. We even found a little warm water could do it but preferred to use our trusty oil-based cleanser. And this brings us to its only downfall, as on the hottest day of the year (so far) it did smear a little – but to be honest all but a good waterproof formula would have.

The verdict: Lancôme le8 hypnôse mascara

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Lancôme has mastered the art of making a first-class mascara, and this new wand is no exception. It isn’t designed to replace the classic mascara but the le8 hypnôse mascara definitely adds something to those that need to give their lashes a little extra TLC in the form of a strengthening and softening formula.

If you’re looking for a lash-definer that will make brittle lashes feel soft, stronger, provide natural-looking volume, and is easy on the eyes when it’s time for take-off, then you can’t go wrong. It’s a high-achieving two-in-one formula that will meet all your mascara goals.

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