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Lizzo responds to backlash for sharing smoothie detox: 'Big girls do whatever u want with your bodies'

For 10 days, the singer only drank smoothies and ate small amounts of food, and was swiftly criticized.

Lizzo is defending herself after receiving backlash for social media posts documenting a 10-day smoothie cleanse.

The 32-year-old Grammy-winning singer posted footage to Instagram and TikTok on Monday of herself partaking in a diet cleanse that some said was at odds with the body-positive singer’s image and promoted dieting practices that could be potentially harmful.

As a part of the diet program, which Lizzo said was done in consolation with a nutritionist and based on the popular book “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse,” Lizzo drank green smoothies, took supplements, and ate foods such as nuts and cucumbers in apple cider vinegar.

In the video, Lizzo showed a sample of what she ate and drank, saying that days four, five and six were the hardest mentally but that she never was really hungry.

“I was never super hungry, I think I just wanted to stress eat and do things that were like, kind of self-harming,” she said.

In the end, Lizzo said that by days nine and ten, she felt “amazing” and was proud of her results.

However, after sharing the videos online she received a barrage of criticism. Lizzo, who is known for promoting body positivity and embracing different body types, was accused not only of giving into shaky diet trends, but also glamorizing a behavior that could be triggering for some or lead some to unhealthy dieting habits.

Within hours of the controversy, Lizzo returned to social media for a follow up video in which she explained her motivation for the diet.

“I would normally be so afraid and ashamed to post things like this online because I feel like as a big girl, people just expect if you are doing something for health, you’re doing it for a dramatic weight loss, and that is not the case,” she said. “In reality, November stressed me the f--- out. I drank a lot, I ate a lot of spicy things, and things that f---ed my stomach up, and I wanted to reverse it and get back to where I was.”

She added that following the cleanse her sleep has improved, she’s been more hydrated and more mentally stable.

“Big girls do whatever u want with your bodies!!!” she wrote in a caption over the video. “I’m just as proud of my results from my smoothie detox as I am of my belly curves and swerves.”

Stefan Sykes

Stefan Sykes is a news associate for NBC News. 

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