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All The Major Love Actually Character Stories, Ranked

The good, the bad, and everything in between, here are the Love Actually stories, ranked.
7. Colin, Tony And The American Girls

Colin's (Kris Marshall) journey to Wisconsin (of all places to choose from in the United States) to meet American girls who he thinks are obsessed with British men isn't the most romantic, rational, or realistic story in Love Actually, but in a movie that's admittedly excessively sappy in pretty much every storyline, this one works because it's hilarious, not overly pretentious, and honestly defies expectations. After striking out with multiple women (including the caterer), even Colin's best friend, Tony (Abdul Salis) doesn't think that Colin will have a successful trip. But when he gets to Wisconsin (again, WISCONSIN), Colin is actually right and swoons several girls at the bar. And while it seems like it's a dream and Colin is going to wake up at any moment, the epilogue proves this is a reality and not some fantasy.

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