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Man sits for lunch in Australia, magpie attacks his eyes. He lands up in surgery

A man was all set to enjoy a Chinese takeaway lunch at an outdoor mall in Australia but things turned quite unpleasant soon after as a magpie attacked his eyes.

It was nothing short of a nightmare for an elderly man after he was attacked by a magpie on Tuesday in Australia. James Glindemann, 68, was all set to enjoy a Chinese takeaway lunch at an outdoor mall in Sale, about 200km east of Melbourne. But things turned out to be quite unpleasant soon after.

The magpie attacked James and left him with serious injuries after which, he was hospitalised and also had to undergo a surgery, ABC Gippsland reports.


As James was about to begin eating at the mall, a magpie sat down in front of him. "A juvenile magpie sat down in front of me, I had a one-way conversation for a few seconds and it was just looking at me. I started to open the lunchbox, the next thing I knew, the bird had flown at my face and struck me in the left eye," James told Guardian Australia.

In absolute shock, James had not been able to process the incident immediately and told Guardian Australia, "I just thought, yes, it had struck me in the face, but I didn't think it had done any damage."

But that was not just it. At the time of the attack, James wasn't wearing a face mask because he was just about to start eating.

"The bird sat on the concrete in front of me, and saw I hadn't dropped the food, or I think that was what its thinking was. It immediately attacked the right-hand side of my face, on the eye with a fair bit of force, and drew some blood. I became a bit concerned at this stage. I picked up the meal, which had fallen to the ground at this stage and started walking to my car, which wasn't that far away," he added.


After the magpie attacked James, he was in a dismal state. However, he managed to call an ambulance and was taken to a local hospital. Doctors were not sure about his treatment at the local hospital, and hence, James was shifted to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. He underwent a surgery for two hours.


After his surgery, James was discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering at home. The magpie attacked his right eye but his left eye was also "very smoky, smoggy".

"On the first day I couldn't see my hand if I raised it front of me. Now I can count my fingers if I only look through my left eye," James told Guardian Australia.

ABC Gippsland, citing hospital official Thomas Campbell, said around 60 patients report bird-related eye injuries every year.

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