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Fears for all-out Sydney gang war after slaying of Mejid Hamzy

Police have serious concerns that an all-out Sydney gang war could erupt after the brother of a notorious crime figure was gunned down in the city’s southwest.

Police have serious concerns that an all-out Sydney gang war could erupt after the brother of a notorious crime figure was gunned down in the city’s southwest.

Mejid Hamzy — the younger brother of underworld figure Bassam Hamzy — was found with multiple gunshot wounds in Condell Park at 7.30am yesterday, with police indicating he was killed by two assassins.

Bassam Hamzy started the Brothers 4 Life gang while in jail after he converted to radical Islam and the group has several chapters in suburbs across Sydney’s southwest.

In 1999, aged 19, Hamzy shot dead a teenager on a Sydney nightclub strip and was jailed for 21 years for murder.

His younger brother was believed to be ­behind at least one underworld hit himself, including the shooting of Hamad ­Assaad, also known as ‘The Executioner’.

Assaad was the suspected trigger man in a botched 2013 murder attempt on the Hamzy family’s matriarch Maha, before he was killed in 2016.

A senior NSW police officer told The Daily Telegraph there are fears of an all-out gang war stemming from yesterday’s targeted shooting.

“Where the next shot will come from and at whom is anyone’s guess,’’ a senior NSW police officer told the newspaper. “But you don’t shoot someone this high profile and not expect any retaliation.”

Police say the broad daylight attack bears the hallmarks of an underworld assassination.

They suspect two men were waiting for the victim to emerge from his Condell Park home on Simmat Ave. There have been reports a car was heard driving off after shots were fired.

“Certainly, we would say at this early stage that it was a targeted shooting,” Bankstown Police Acting Superintendent Darren Sly told reporters.

Shortly after police were alerted to the shooting, inquiries began about whether a burnt-out car found in nearby Yagoona had any connection to the shooting.

The attackers remain at large despite police efforts to track them down using a helicopter and officers on the ground.

Since his murder conviction, Hamzy has also been found guilty of running a drug ring from his cell. He was also involved in a brawl with fellow high-profile inmate Talal Alameddine in October last year.

Superintendent Sly told reporters yesterday: “Police are always worried in circumstances like this where we have a public shooting that there could be repercussions, but certainly, police will make all efforts to try and stop it if we can.”

Earlier in the day, authorities said the victim was treated for multiple gunshot wounds by paramedics from four ambulance crews, but his life couldn’t be saved.

Footage from the scene showed a police helicopter hovering and a large number of officers in the area.

Simmat Ave and Curtin Place were closed in both directions, and people were advised to avoid the area, as detectives and forensic officers worked the crime scene.

Former Nomads bikie Moudi Tajjour called Hamzy a “true gentleman”.

“RIP to Mejed (sic) legit this bloke was one off (sic) a kind,” he wrote on social media. “Haven’t seen him in a while was cell mates for 7 months back in the day and known him many years. Honestly a soldier and a true gentleman … RIP habib inshallah Allah forgives all ur sins.”

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