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NBA Rumors: Exec says Miami Heat must go all-in on James Harden trade

The Miami Heat face a situation where they are best suited to go 'all-in' on a trade with the Houston Rockets for NBA Star James Harden.
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The Houston Rockets remain in a situation where James Harden wants to be traded to a new team. He has leaked interest in playing for contenders like the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers, but who will be the team to pull it off?

A Western Conference executive recently talked with NBA Analysis Network about the Houston Rockets’ options in James Harden trade talks. The executive made it clear the Miami Heat must go all-in on a potential trade for the former NBA MVP.

“It’s not often a team coming off an NBA Finals appearance has the chance to add an MVP caliber player. Think about the politics going into the situation. Tilman Fertitta doesn’t want to give Daryl Morey even though they’d have a great trade package if Ben Simmons was available.

“The Nets do not have any young players who stack up with Tyler Herro. Remember, (Caris) LeVert is already 26 and has had some injuries. The Celtics and Raptors seem like the only other East contenders with comparable options to Simmons with Jaylen Brown and Pascal Siakam, but neither team seems all that interested.”

It seems the Western Conference not being much of a factor in Harden talks and the Celtics and Raptors not having much interest could go a long way for the Heat. When factoring in the 76ers’ persistence on giving the Embiid-Simmons duo more time, it only helps Miami more.

The executive also made it clear how the Heat would be able to complement Harden in needed ways. Primarily with him being the elite offensive threat they lack while covering up for him on defense when it’s needed.

“The Heat seems like a perfect fit for Harden if he were to buy into moving without the basketball more, which sounds like something he wants to do. He can carry the offense with his scoring and facilitation while the rest of the unit with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo can lock down on defense.

“By trading for Harden, the Heat could actually get better on defense. Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson got carved up in the playoffs and do not handle bigger players down low on switches nearly as well as Harden.”

It’s important the Miami Heat do not get too caught up in the perceived potential of a young player when they are currently in a legitimate title contention window. Let’s not forget, winning an NBA championship is the whole point of building a team.

While Tyler Herro has shown strong signs as a player, it’s an incredible long-shot he ever comes close to stacking up to the status of talent James Harden has proven to be on an annual basis. For that reason, the Miami Heat are best served making an aggressive push to get a deal done.

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