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Gang crime squad investigating homicide of former Rebels boss Nick Martin at Kwinana Motorplex

The incident occurred at 8.36pm on Saturday night.

The five-year-old, who is not related to either Martin or the 31-year-old, did not need medical attention.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson on Sunday said the community was justifiably outraged at this type of violent criminal behaviour that happened in front of a crowd of hundreds of innocent people.

“This is an example where innocent parties can get caught up in a violent criminal gang which has resulted in homicide,” he said.

“We all must be outraged at this violent criminal behaviour, an five-year-old boy who’s received fortunately superficial wounds, but these criminals don’t stop and have regard to human life.

“The fact that this shooting occurred in a public open place with many people around, including children shows the nature of these violent criminal gangs.

"There are many people, totally innocent, who have now been subjected to the most horrific of crimes involving gangs."

Commissioner Dawson said WA Police were now preparing for any potential retaliation attacks among the outlaw motorcycle fraternity.

“We’re at a heightened state of readiness to ensure there are no retaliatory attacks but that’s the nature of these gangs we’re dealing with,” he said.

“We will be relentless in our policing of outlaw motorcycle gangs, we have been for many years and will continue to do so. Police are carrying out an extensive investigation.

Ambulance officers attending to two people who were shot at Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Ambulance officers attending to two people who were shot at Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.Credit:Facebook / Dale Pilling

“We will make every effort to bring those responsible to justice.”

Law enforcement across the country are aware of the incident and will support WA Police with their investigation.

Commissioner Dawson said he was aware there was “friction and bad terms” among all outlaw motorcycle gangs, particularly the Rebels following extensive policing of their criminal behaviours.

“We have been having a longstanding operation against all outlaw motorcycle gangs, this is something we do nationally, but in WA we’ve been making very big inroads into the bikie behaviour through drug distribution,” he said.

“I’ve got little doubt that there’s a lot of friction amongst gangs because of heightened police activity and we have seized lots of money, drugs and firearms but that’s the nature of these bikie gangs.”

Commissioner Dawson said while he was conscious there'll be innocent parties who will be grieving the loss of a family member, Martin was a well-known bikie facing criminal charges who had lost his status in the Rebels club and had also survived an earlier shooting.

Premier Mark McGowan said he was disgusted this disgraceful incident happened infront of innocent people and warned the perpetrators that they will be caught.

“It’s so extraordinary that people would think they could go and do that and get away with it, they’ll be caught, they’ll be jailed,” he said.

“Children could have been killed, families could have been killed. This is an episode that we do not want to see repeated.

“These bikie gangs and some of the individuals that think they can get away with it, they don’t, our jails are full of these people and it look like there’ll be more in jail.”

Footage taken by other attendees at the event shows a large police presence at the motorplex and ambulance officers attending to one of the victims. The motorplex had been hosting its Outlaw Nitro Challenge at the time.

The fatal shooting wasn't the first attempt on Martin's life. Nine years ago he escaped death after rival Rock Machine bikie gang member Benjamin Sipkes fired shots at the Rebels president outside his Balcatta home.

Martin was shot in his arm as he pulled into his driveway on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Sipkes was convicted in the Supreme Court over the shooting but found not guilty of attempting to murder the Rebels boss.

Martin's death comes about two weeks after he was bashed at a Scarborough bar, allegedly by Hells Angel boss Dayne Brajkovich.

CCTV shows the two greeting each other with an amicable handshake before a violent clash breaks out.

Martin was bashed to the ground before getting to his feet. Brajkovich, a former Muay Thai boxer, was charged by the National Anti-Gangs Squad for 'fighting in public causing fear'.

Martin was recently stood down as the club's president after he and his wife were being investigated over alleged extortion and money laundering offences.

Witnesses at the motorplex were urged to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Were you at the motorplex on Saturday night? Email us at

The incident is not the first time the motorplex has seen gang tensions escalate.

In 2010 the motorplex was the site of a bloody brawl between the Coffin Cheaters and Finks bikie gangs.

During that altercation, three Finks were hospitalised, including one man who was shot and another who had three fingers sliced off.

Police eventually charged nine Coffin Cheater members and affiliates with giving false and misleading evidence over the incident.

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