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"I need to defend my position." What Pascal actually said and did on The Bachelorette.

We apparently missed some crucial context.
It all started over a pack of cigarettes.

Okay, this is... rogue, but allegedly, 33-year-old Pascal found himself offside with the other men and being used as a 'troublemaker' by producers thanks to a packet of cigarettes.

According to The Wash, which quotes a 'well-placed source', Pascal had planned to quit the show like Harry as he felt no connection to either Becky or Elly, but producers weren't keen on a third walkout (after Ab Sow also left in episode one).

So they instead turned the other men against him, and it worked perfectly.

"Everything started when some of the guys ordered cigarettes on their weekly shopping budget, and Pascal laughed that he wondered what Elly and Becky would think about them secretly smoking around the mansion. A producer then tried to convince him to dob them into the sisters, but he didn’t want to, but eventually agreed as he was leaving anyways," the source said.

Then a producer told the other men Pascal was going to throw them under the bus, which then caused them to create their own plan to sabotage him.

"Some of the guys then dobbed Pascal into the sisters for 'trash talking' them, but he mostly just made a couple of jokes with everybody else, that were then taken completely out of context and blown into this huge thing. That's why there was no footage of him saying he wanted 'hotter chicks' or anything like that."


Pascal confirmed the account on Instagram, saying he had already decided to leave when he was convinced by producers that telling Becky and Elly about some of the men's smoking habits was the right thing to do.

Obviously, this didn't go down well, and saw the others turn on him.

Speaking of 'out of context jokes'...

Remember the scene early in Thursday's episode where Pascal seemed to forget Becky and Elly's names?

Is it Elly or Ali?, he joked.

According to a now-deleted post on his Instagram story, this was during a conversation where he was joking about some of the men's Melbourne accents(?), which made it sound like they were saying Ali. He said production removed all this context, to make him look like the bad guy.

He also replied to a comment on his post-show video saying the same thing: "I'm teasing the Melbourne boys because they can't pronounce her name and pronounce her name Ally, instead of Elly... it’s a joke, like everything I've done on the show."

What else has Pascal said?

In completely non-shocking news, Pascal released a video defending himself following his exit from the show.

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