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Paul Kent comments on departure from Triple M

Paul Kent has left his position at Triple M following his refusal to apologise for his role in an on-air blow-up with Anthony Maroon

Paul Kent has left his position at Triple M following his refusal to apologise for his role in an on-air blow-up with commentator Anthony Maroon over a week ago.

Kent and Triple M released statements on Thursday afternoon confirming their agreement to part ways. 

A Triple M Sydney spokesman said in a statement, “Triple M Sydney confirms that Paul Kent has left the Sunday Sin Bin show,” 

“Events over recent weeks in relation to the incident on the Sin Bin went too far and we asked Paul Kent to offer an apology. Paul has a differing view and, on that basis, has made the decision to part ways with Triple M.

“We wish Paul the best and thank him for his contribution to Triple M’s NRL coverage.

“We look forward to continuing to inform and entertain Triple M listeners for the remainder of this footy season and beyond.”

Kent also released a statement admitting he wasn’t prepared to apologise.

“Triple M have asked me to apologise for the incidents that have occurred over recent weeks,” Kent said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“I’m not prepared to do that, I have already gone on the record with my views on the matter.

“On that basis I’ve made the decision to move on from my role at Triple M. We part on good terms.”

On May 9, radio personality Anthony Maroon quit Triple M’s NRL Sunday team following his on-air walkout the week before.

Former Triple M presenter, Anthony Maroon

A week earlier, ahead of the Round 8 clash between the Dragons and Tigers, Maroon became increasingly frustrated over jokes made by co-hosts, Paul Kent, James Hooper, and Gorden Tallis, at his expense about the Australian Taxation Office.

Maroon eventually walked out of the studio, mid-program, forcing Kent to anchor the rest of the show.

He prepared a pre-recorded farewell which was played on Sunday ahead of Melbourne’s win over the Dragons, which said “After seven or eight years on the show I’ve decided that’s it for me.”

On May 10, Paul Kent wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph firing back at ‘social justice hypocrites backing Anthony Maroon.’

Kent wrote, “What has followed Maroon’s walkout two Sundays ago since is a solid distortion of facts where Maroon has somehow emerged as a sympathetic victim of bullying, which suggests a man attacked without the ability to defend himself, writes Paul Kent.

“Most allegations have come from those who have never listened to the show or who don’t have an understanding of what happens every week, making their accusations naive.

“Maroon’s fear of the Australian Tax Office, and that he loved cash jobs, was a consistent joke on the show.

“The pile-on for Hooper, both in social and mainstream media, is ten-fold to what Maroon copped yet none of these mental health warriors have considered that, instead taking comfort in being part of the righteous majority.

“We live in a world of snowflakes, sadly.”

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