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COVID-19 positive might not stop Victorian racing

A positive COVID-19 test will not necessarily mean a shutdown of racing in Victoria.

A positive COVID-19 test will not necessarily mean a shutdown of racing in Victoria.

The question increased in urgency after racing was suspended in the state following jockey Mark Zahra advising Racing Victoria he had undergone a coronavirus test on Wednesday following a possible exposure to a confirmed carrier on a commercial flight on March 12.

The test results could be known as soon as Thursday.

A negative test would mean racing resumes immediately but RV chief executive Giles Thompson told RSN there was a possibility racing could continue even if a participant returns a positive COVID-19 test.

Thompson said RV would immediately invoke its protocols to deal with the issue before deciding whether racing could go on.

“It depends on the results of the contact tracing,” Thompson said.

“In theory, if there are enough people that haven’t been exposed…in that period of time, the rest can continue racing.

“The question is who’s left standing from those that have been exposed.

“That’s where we have to get to and it would take a bit of time to work that out.

“But not necessarily, it wouldn’t necessarily be over but it’s going to take a bit of work to establish how we could continue to race.”

Thursday's meetings at Kilmore and Pakenham have been abandoned but Friday's fixtures remain unchanged at this stage.

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