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Three children and one man dead after car allegedly set alight on suburban Brisbane street

Police are attending a major incident where three children and one man have died after a car was allegedly set alight in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill this morning.
A car was allegedly set alight in Camp Hill with people inside.

Three children and a man have died and a woman has critical injuries after a car was allegedly set alight in a Brisbane street this morning.

Key points:
  • A woman known to the children and man who died is in hospital with critical injuries
  • Detective Inspector Mark Thompson says it is too early to call the horrific incident a murder-suicide
  • A passer-by tried to help the people in the car escape

Queensland police are on the scene of what they have described as a "major incident" in Raven Street at Camp Hill about 8.30am.

Detective Inspector Mark Thompson said five people were involved in the incident.

"We have three deceased children under the age of 10 in the vehicle," he said.

Detective Inspector Mark Thompson speaks to media at the scene.

"We have another deceased male, who was known to the children."

Detective Inspector Thompson said a woman, who was known to the children and the male, was taken to hospital with critical injuries, including burns.

He would not say if accelerant was used to start the fire.

Officers were yet to enter the car by late morning

However, there were "other areas of interest", with Detective Inspector Thompson anticipating that other crime scenes would be declared.

Those involved in the incident lived in the area.

"It is a horrific scene," he said.

Family violence support services:

"We still haven't gotten into the vehicle. It's too early in terms of investigative practice.

"How the fire actually occurred has not been ascertained at the moment.

"For us to call it a murder-suicide or a tragic accident, it's inappropriate for us to try to do that.

"That's exactly what we're investigating, what exactly happened today."

'He tried his best to get to the car'

Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Adrian Tong said a passer-by tried to help those in the car escape.

"Somebody did step in to try and help that was close by," Mr Tong said.

The burnt car is covered in plastic in Camp Hill.

"I think he tried his best to get to the car."

The man received minor burns to his upper body and face that were not life-threatening.

Mr Tong said the woman had severe burns to a significant part of her body.

Authorities on the Camp Hill street where the car was allegedly set alight.

"We secured her airway on scene and she was transported, lights and siren, to [hospital]," he said.

Seven ambulances were at the scene as well as more than 30 police officers.

If you or anyone you know needs help:

Crews that attended the scene have been stood down and will be debriefed.

"The first crew that arrived on the scene were confronted with a car fire," Mr Tong said.

"We did all we could, but it was confronting."

Camp Hill resident Murray Campbell said he was at home when he heard the car explode.

"I was out the back and came running down the side and ... the rest is history.

"Not nice."

Phil Patane said he raced to the scene to check on his parents who are residents of the street.

Phil Patane stands in street posing for camera.

He said they were distressed.

"Oh it's just devastating really. You wouldn't think it would happen here in this street."

Lachlan Amore, 18, has lived in the area his whole life and said the incident was frightening.

"It's really really scary. You wouldn't expect it," he said.

"I've been here my whole life and I wouldn't expect anything from here. It's just frightening. Just really frightening."

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