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Fortnite Releases More Information on Reboot a Friend Event

Epic Games releases more details about its Reboot a Friend event for the battle royale game Fortnite, starting on December 14 at 3 AM ET.

Just a few hours ago, players around the world received emails from Epic Games announcing a new Fortnite event. The ‘Reboot a Friend’ event has arrived in the battle royale and with it, players can now invite a friend who had previously taken a break from the game and earn free rewards for doing so.

Epic’s email did not make a lot of things clear about the event. In fact, the email was also missing the link to the Reboot a Friend website where players need to register. Moreover, the developers also did not clarify how long the friend had to have been away from the game to make them eligible for the event.

However, Fortnite recently tweeted all the details along with the RAF website.

19 days till fans can fetch free rewards from Fortnite event

The Reboot a Friend Beta is available from December 14, 2020, at 3 am ET through January 4, 2021, at 3 am ET. This gives players about 19 days to earn all the free rewards along with their friend. To unlock all the rewards, players need to complete 20 matches together.

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Epic Games also clarified only friends who haven’t played Fortnite for 30 days or more are eligible candidates for rebooting. Both players need to have a valid Epic account. A player can use this account to log in to the RAF website. Here they can invite a friend to reboot. As soon as the friend accepts the invite, they can just jump into the game and grind for the rewards.

The rewards can take up to 7 days to reach players. Moreover, these are only one time rewards. Therefore, if a player reboots someone, the friend can no longer reboot others. This is only the beta phase of the event and Epic promised that there will be similar events in the future.

Epic has also provided players with an opportunity to drop out of the event. In case a player chooses to do so, they still get to keep all the rewards they have unlocked.

Read the complete rules of the Reboot a Friend event here.

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