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SAS Australia 2020: Roxy Jacenko responds to critics after short reality TV appearance

Roxy Jacenko won’t take criticism surrounding her brief stint on SAS Australia lying down.

Roxy Jacenko won’t take criticism surrounding her brief stint on SAS Australia lying down.

The Sydney PR queen has launched a fiery rant against those who slammed her short time on Channel 7’s newest reality show, revealing her reasons for bowing out early.

Taking to Instagram shortly after the premiere episode ended, Jacenko defended herself for calling it quits just six hours intro the challenge — sharing that she’d fractured her hip and pelvis just six weeks before arriving at SAS Australia ’s Snowy Mountains set.

She described it as “shameful” that she had to explain herself after being inundated with cruel messages.

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Posting a series of photos from her hospital bed and one walking with crutches, the business woman and reality star wrote: “To be candid I shouldn’t even need to post this – but I am left with no choice,” explaining that she didn’t think it was “necessary” to share photos of her accident but felt compelled to prove herself after a “barrage of comments” from social media trolls.

Addressing viewers who had slammed her appearance on the show, she said: “For the f***wits that have left comments on the post previous to this … Let me explain how weak and fake I am.”

The lengthy post went on to clarify that she had spent two days in hospital, followed by six weeks of recovery after falling off a horse before filming commenced.

“I fractured my hip and pelvis when on a horse for a job – the saddle slipped and I fell off,” she wrote.

“So if weak and pathetic is showing up to @sasaust7 because I had committed to it 6 months prior and put 6 days a week training into it no matter what my injuries were well then so be it.”

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She continued: “I think what it shows was, I had a commitment, I showed up and I tried my very best – which given the circumstances was a hell of a lot given my situation.

“I did what I could but the reality is, my health is my number one priority with two children and a staff of 22 who rely on me – not a show for people’s entertainment and to give them something to troll / gossip about subsequently.

“Having had cancer some three years ago I know that I didn’t need to take the chance of doing myself more harm,” she added of her 2016 health battle.

Her response comes after viewers of the new show were unimpressed by her efforts in the gruelling challenges, taking to Twitter to slam her for quitting early.

One posted: “Roxy has been on the show for 45 minutes and I’ve heard nothing but excuses from her. And now she’s gone lmao what a joke.”

Someone else chimed in: “Roxy is like ‘I don’t want to give up’ … then gives up.”

Yet another tweeted: “Off to the sickbay Roxy” while one more said: “No Roxy, there was no determination nor grit.”

Over on Roxy’s own Instagram page, one harsh commenter wrote: “Geez, 6 hours!!! My wife was in labour longer than that. Sh*t effort.”

Another slammed the star: “All the excuses in the world. So up herself. She couldn’t take her handbags with her,” referencing the business woman’s extravagant Sydney lifestyle.

Jacenko quit the program tonight after the instructors made the celebrity recruits — who are tasked with completing the training course for induction into the army’s Special Forces — submerge themselves in freezing cold water as punishment.

Refusing to get into the water, Jacenko told the instructors that she wanted out.

“I can’t do it. I actually can’t … My leg’s killing me. I can’t do it,” the 40-year-old told the instructors as she handed over her armband.

“It’s so f**king painful. I don’t want to give up …” she cried, as the instructor described her decision to leave as “unfortunate”.

She lasted six hours on the challenging series.

“What a disaster,” she admitted, as she continued to cry.

She later added: “I’ve always had the mindset of take every opportunity that comes your way. But people think that I can’t or won’t, or wouldn’t expect it. And that’s been every single thing that I’ve done …

“But for me, it doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks, it doesn’t matter if you get to day 12 or day two, the fact that I’ve actually taken the punt to do it with determination and grit no matter what, that’s enough for me.”

SAS Australia continues Tuesday night from 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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