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Total solar eclipse 2020: See the best photos and more from Twitter

The only total solar eclipse of 2020 took place on Dec. 14, and Twitter users flocked to share their experiences of the event.

Most of those users were forced to enjoy the event indirectly, since the path of totality covered a small strip of land in Argentina and Chile and the coronavirus pandemic has made traveling unsafe. But webcasts abounded to share the spectacle with armchair skywatchers all around the world.

(Reminder: If you're lucky enough to observe a solar eclipse in person, do not look directly at the sun with unprotected eyes unless during the brief moment of totality. Otherwise, use eclipse safety glasses.)

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And of course, the best views still made it to Twitter. Here are some highlights:

Today's total #SolarEclipse was the only total solar #eclipse of the year. Although it was mainly visible from Earth in parts of South America, #GOESEast had a perfect view of the moon's shadow moving across the Earth. 14, 2020

Interesting moment #Eclipse2020 14, 2020

The last total solar eclipse of 2020. And suddenly the world went dark.An amazing show

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