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Stephen Hawking’s 80th birthday: How Google doodle is honouring the physicist

Google doodle on 80th birthday of Stephen Hawking featured a two-and-a-half-minute YouTube video narrated in his computer-generated voice.

Google celebrates several special occasions in a year through their famous ‘doodles’ that are featured on the website’s homepage. Saturday too was that special day when it launched a special animated doodle on the the 80th birth anniversary of the renowned English theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

Much to the delight of many internet users, the doodle also featured a two-and-a-half-minute YouTube video narrated in the computer-generated voice of Hawking.

About the latest Google doodle

The doodle depicts an animated avatar of Hawking and the letters are stylised to match the theme. Clicking on the doodle leads the users to a YouTube video.

In the video, Hawking’s voice is used to narrate his life, the neurodegenerative disease and his journey to understand the universe. “My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why is it as it is? Why it exists at all?” Hawking’s voice could be heard as saying in the video.

Google Doodle today celebrates Stephen Hawking's 80th birthday.(Google)
Google Doodle today celebrates Stephen Hawking's 80th birthday.(Google)

‘History’s most influential scientific mind’

In its description about the doodle, Google said, “Today’s video Doodle celebrates one of history’s most influential scientific minds, English cosmologist, author, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. From colliding black holes to the Big Bang, his theories on the origins and mechanics of the universe revolutionized modern physics while his best-selling books made the field widely accessible to millions of readers worldwide.”

“Here’s to an innovator whose astronomical impact changed how the world understands the universe!,” it added.

Further, Google has also thanked Hawking’s family in making the doodle and also published a note from the physicist’s daughter Lucy and sons Robert and Tim Hawking.

“In the Doodle, the voice of Stephen Hawking was generated and used with the approval of the Hawking estate,” it also said.

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