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Aaron and Karly WIN Beauty and the Geek 2022

Fan favourites Aaron Seeto and Karly Fisher have won Beauty and the Geek 2022. Hairdresser Karly and her train enthusiast geek Aaron were tipped from the very beginning to go far in the comp and now they’ve taken home $100,000 in prize money.
Aaron and Karly have been through a lot in this competition.

Aaron and Karly have been through a lot in this competition.

After being the confindent one in their partnership for most of the season Aaron had to take the reins in this final challenge and encourage Karly to take the leap with him.

It was a beautiful reminder of just how far Aaron has come in this competion. 

"I love you so much!" Aaron shouted to Karly, "You're going to be ok, I believe in you."

There wasn't a dry eye among any of the contestants watching when they hit the pool and we doubt there were any in the audience either. 

Aaron overcame his fear of dogs during the experience.

Aaron has come a really long way in this competition.

Tonight's episode saw the return of the entire cast who came to witness the final challenge.

All the geeks have had incredible glow ups since we last saw them. 

Anime fan Nate, who was eliminated first with his partner Dani, has lost his long locks in favour of a tidy trim and bookworm Alex looks incredible with his smart hair cut.

"Alex looks so handsome," Bri squealed.

The biggest transformation came from Karate expert Jason. 

"You look like a different person!" exclaimed Sophie Monk.

Not to be outdone, Sam shaved his moustache.

Jason was unrecognisable

Jason was unrecognisable

To help the eliminated contestants vote for a winner, the final three pairs opened up about how the competion has changed them. 

An emotional Bri and Chris explained how the experience has helped them breakdown their barriers and let someone else into their lives. 

Tegan and Athony spoke of how others have forced them to hide their true selves, but through their friendship they found out to love themselves.

"You've pulled me away from the magical world and shown me that the real world has magic in it," Anthony said.

Aaron and Karly


But it was Karly and Aaron's heartbreaking speech that won the day. Aaron explained he was lonely and lost before the competition but now he has a friend for life.

"Every time I looked in the mirror I saw average Aaron... I didn't think I was worthy of love," he said.

"I now know what it feels like to be loved and to have people that care about you."

After speaking to all the eliminated contestants Sophie finally announced Aaron and Karly as the winners of Beauty and the Geek 2022.

Congratulations to to the winners, no doubt we’ll be seeing plenty more of of them in the future.

WATCH BELOW: Aaron's makeover is debuted on Beauty and the Geek

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