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Is the Big Brother finale rigged? See why fans are so suspicious

"They have no chance."

Reggie is up against newbies Taras and Johnson.

But the contestants themselves won’t get to try to convince fans to vote for them until just before voting closes and the winner is announced.

So how on earth could it be rigged if Aussies are the ones voting for the winner? Because one of the finalists has already won the nation over!

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Reggie successfully convinced Aussies to name her the winner back in 2004 and has kept fans up to date with her life ever since, building up a massive following online.

With millions of Aussies already supporting her, some fans are insisting she has a huge (and in some opinions, unfair) advantage over newbies Taras and Johnson.


Some fans say Reggie has an unfair advantage over the boys.

“They have no chance going up against Reggie, it’s practically rigged in her favour,” one wrote in a Facebook comment.

Another agreed, adding: “She’s had 10+ years to convince people to vote for her but they only had the last few weeks during the show. Not fair.”

Of course, with the ‘Royalty Vs New Contender’ theme this year there was always a chance that a more established Big Brother personality – or even a past winner like Reggie – would make it to the finale with one or more newbies.

As for whether or not the show is “rigged” in her favour, we seriously doubt it. But there’s no denying Reggie has plenty of fans backing her.

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The finale will be broadcast live from Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, where it’s being filmed in front of a live audience again after last year’s drama.

Fans slammed the show last year for its “fake crowd” at the finale, which had been slated to be filmed in front of a live audience until the COVID-19 pandemic came along.

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Fresh lockdowns meant the finale had to be shot in front of an empty studio, though the production team added crowd sounds and applause as the show went to air.

The result was a finale which many fans called “awkward” and “forced” on social media.


Could Reggie win again? Only time will tell.

“COVID has made this finale hella awkward to be honest,” one person tweeted, another adding, “Oh god that fake canned crowd noise is going to get on my nerves.”

Thankfully fake crowd noises won’t be an issue this year, but fans are wondering if there will be any wild antics at the live event.

Past live Big Brother events have seen all kinds of craziness, from silent protests (thanks Merlin) after evictions to marriage proposals at the live finale (a Trevor Butler classic).

Get your vote in here before the Big Brother live finale airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

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